Volcanic Ash Disrupts Flights

Volcano Ash Disrupts Flights

Volcanic Ash continue to cripple flights: Few days back volcano has still left its impact to the life on earth. The remaining ash of volcano disrupts the people and their daily life. Even after fifth day, this ash from Iceland bounds the flights in European and North American cities. All flight charges are increased which is not a good news for the passengers. The prices are almost double which is a major problem. Not only this, but there are lots more problems which are faced by passengers. So the Ministry of Civil Aviation has decided to set up a control room to address the problems and other hassles faced by passengers. They took this decision on Monday 19th April, 2010. It is estimated that around 41,000 passengers are stuck due to this volcanic ash. According to the decision, the control room set up by Ministry would coordinate with the Ministry of External Affairs, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the airlines flying out of India. (Control room number 24632950; extension 2333)

Volcano Ash Disrupts Flights

Air Traffic halt due to volcanic ash: The most affected area because of this volcano is aviation industry. Many passengers were stuck on airports due to air traffic halt. It is said that about 41,435 passengers were supposed to fly from the Mumbai and Delhi airports. They all have been found helpless as air traffic to European and North American cities came to a complete halt due to the volcanic ash. In a report from Punjab, 12,000 passengers are affected only from this region. This counting is only from Punjab region, so now one can imagine that how many get affected because of this. There is need to be do something and thus to clear this backlog, Civil Aviation Ministry has set up a control room which is headed by Joint Secretary Prashant Shukul, with officials from External Affairs Ministry and DGCA, Civil Aviation Secretary M Madhavan Nambiar said.

Government tries to control the situation
: The Ministry said, though the Air India and Jet Airways have started their services to the US through Athens and Egypt, but still the situation is not in control. The Ministry also claimed that airlines should not take benefit of this situation. They don’t think to take higher charges from passengers. This all will be closely monitored by the government and will take necessary actions if required. Along with this, Nambiar also said that they are in talk with Greece to grant “third and fourth freedom” rights, which means passengers, are then allowed to take form India to disembark and embark at Athens and take another flight or train to Europe. According to travel firms in Punjab, people were worried have lots of queries about their flights and refunds. Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal has also suffered as his flight was also cancelled on April 18, 2010 to US. He was supposed to go there to see his mother Surinder Kaur Badal, who is to be operated for cancer. In short, it is not only common man who is suffering because of this. Whatever it is, but this situation should be in control soon otherwise, the result would not be affordable either for common man or for government. We just hope this control board will tackle the entire situation and provide some relief to the passengers.