Relaxing Make Up Of Katrina Kaif In Bangkok

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif relaxing: Recently, Katrina Kaif was in Bangkok. She went there for a commercial ad and in this way, she also take some rest from her hectic schedule. She was full with her schedule because of her upcoming movie Rajneeti. She worked hard for this movie and so don’t want to take any risk of promotion of the movie. She worked day and night for the promotion of the movie and just hopes that movie will be going well. After all, this movie is turning point of her career in Bollywood industry. With this movie, she came with a new look which is different from her previous image. This movie will change my image and also prove my talent as an actress.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif in Bangkok: Recently, she was in Bangkok which proved to be more relaxing than she had ever imagined. She went there for a commercial ad. The Chinese make up artist was at hand to slap on the panstick. Katrina’s Kaif’s Bangkok trip proved a lot more relaxing than she’d ever imagined. The saucy stunner was filming a beauty commercial and a Chinese make up artist was at hand to slap on the panstick. The artist came all the way from Hong Kong who was also a super acupressure specialist. So what else this tired actress want at that time. She not only gave her a cool look, but also provides relief from her aches and pains. So in brief, the trip was proven a magic trip for her who takes out all her pains. Now she is prepared to work again like before. Katrina said she is very happy that she went out Bangkok for the shooting. She said she was gone just for shooting, but she did not know that she felt so relief there. She said after hectic schedule, i need some change badly and fortunately i got that change.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif: If take a look on her career graph, then the way she has raised, is unexpected. She got many troubles while entered in this Bollywood industry. She does not know Hindi language well and so found problem in delivering dialogues. Her scenes were dubbed by others which are big stone in her way of success. Later she improved her Hindi and came with full confidence. This time she rocks and everyone praised her. She proved that she has spirit to do anything and she came in Bollywood industry to earn name and fame. And now, she has everything, name, position, image.

Upcoming Movies:
No days, Katrina is in news for her upcoming movie Rajneeti. She played the role of politician in the movie which is totally non-glamorous. Katrina Kaif played the role of Indu Pratap who is a politician which changed the entire political system. Another movie for which she is very happy is the movie of one of the most talented director/ choreographer Farah Khan. She is doing Tees Maar Khan with Farah. Katrina Kaif praises Farah Khan and said she is amazing director and I wish to do more work with her. She said I am expecting that both movies will do great business and the audience will like the movies and give a great response like ever. With these, she is also busy in doing movie Running with the Bulls.


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