BCCI Looks For Ways To Clip Wings Of IPL Boss

Lalit Modi

IPL boss too big for his boosts: In these days IPL is at its peak then how the owner of this left behind? Lalit Modi who is in news these days because of his great works may be in big trouble because of his controversies. Now the board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) is thinking of clipping the wings of the Lalit Modi. All the bosses of the BCCI have done a private discussion over phone and decided this. After the controversy of Shashi Tharoor with Lalit Modi, board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) is thinking seriously on this topic. They are planning to roll back some of his powers from hims. According to reliable resources, they are thinking about appointing a joint commissioner with him to reduce his powers. Now the impression of Modi on board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) is too big for his boosts. In the way, Modi is taking decision, is a question of big worry for the BCCI. Not only BCCI is worried, but home ministry is also scared with the way he is working.


South Africa editions of IPL: During editions of IPL in South Africa, on the name of security, their personnel have been going to numerous hotels and procuring blueprints of the branded hotels. It was Lalit Modi who permits this to provide security to film stars and the players of the IPL. This is one of the reasons of BCCI to take such decision. This not disturbs the leading hotels but also create problem to other customers. Recently, when the squad reached in a hotel in Nagpur, where the players stayed, refused to provide blueprint with that squad. The owner of the hotel is well connected with the BCCI called up and asked what is happening exactly. He was told by squad that it hardly matters for them that he is connected to any of the members of BCCI.


BCCI surprised: Another reason of such decision was it is a great shock for the board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) that India has many security agencies then why the boss of IPL think to hire the personnel all the way from South Africa. They all wondered when come to know that IPL boss has chosen a South Africa personal agency to identify or procuring the hotels. Why he took such decision. Does this mean Lalit Modi has no trust on Indian security system? Is there any personal reason of him? What the actual reason was? This also raises the topic of unemployment in India. IPL is providing job which is the right of Indians to foreigners with the matter of fact that there is shortage of jobs for Indians. This is the issue of discussion and they have to discuss on it. After all it is the question of job for an Indian. BCCI should have to ask the Modi about his decision of hiring foreigner personnel for this purpose.


BCCI meeting in Delhi: Earlier it was news that the meeting of BCCI will most likely take place in Mumbai on April 23, but according to recent news, Sharad Pawar want that meeting will take place in Delhi, so it is not yet confirmed when and where it will be held. The BCCI brass also told Mail Today that the IPL was like any other sub-committee of the board, like the umpire’s committee or finance committee. It seems things are becoming more and more difficult for Lalit Modi. We just hope that everything will be solved. Lalit Modi is quite scared and in tension with such decision. But the fact is it is all because of him only. He was in controversy with Tharoor because of the Kochi franchise. May be in the meeting he was asked by his decisions. At that time he has to answer all the questions of board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) members.