Changing Trend Of Bollywood Parties

Raj Kapoor

Changing trend of bollywood parties: In past parties were supposed to be real parties while in today’s time these are more showiness instead of place for having enjoyment of real parties. The concept of bollywood parties have changed significantly over the years. Party concept in bollywood was brought by Raj Kapoor initially as he used to give parties at his cottage. All big stars and other celebrities used to gather there at the place and best drinks as well cuisines were served. Annual Holi celebration at RK Studio was very popular and it was mandatory to be dunked into a pool of colored water after which you dried off even as Sitara Devi enthralled the bhang-high crowd with her naughty thumkas. No one used to miss his parties whether it these are top stars like Rajendra Kumar, Nargis and Vyjayanthimala or musicians like Mukesh and others. Bollywood producer and director Subhash Ghai, started throwing parties at various occasion like on his birthday or celebration of his wife’s birthday or wedding anniversary. Whether it is launch of new movie or success, he is seen giving parties. In the era of Raj Kapoor, there were rarely any media person who were invited into the parties while in present parties are full of media persons for getting popularity. There is no more privacy in present bollywood parties and media person keep an eye to make news of even a small issue. Friends of host often have seen praising for his work and about his other qualities.


Short time stay of star becomes big stories: Star actors come into the party for short while and it makes big gossips in media. Most of actors reach in the party very late and leaves very soon but media persons don’t miss any chance to capture them. Every moment of stars are noticed that what they are talking about, with whom they are standing or sitting in party or even what they are eating if they stay for enough time to eat something. Close friends of the host mostly stay aside in the party serving all what their guests need to make them feel comfortable. At the time when cake is to cut, all people are together whether they are ex-lovers or enemies. Next day, same news are in printed media that how different actors reacted meeting their ex-lovers and how they were talking. A hug of those ex-loves in the party makes big news while they also know that these are all formalities and everyone is looking at them. Media person make their own stories whether they are thinking to be together again or so on. Similarly, when two actors meet, who are having tough time, with each other are also noticed. Whether a star actor stay for five minutes or twenty minutes, it becomes talk of the town that they gave appearance in the particular party and were wearing this or that and met these peoples. The starlet, wives are seen in the hugs of producers and husbands eating out of their plates. No one cares what is going on. Even before print media, internet and new channels are full of bollywood gossips of all parties.

Salman Khan

Bollywood parties real or just showiness: Mostly parties are given by big producers, directors or stars on various occasions for they invite people from media, bollywood, politics and other spheres in their parties. Most of parties make hot gossips for media. Are these real parties or just showiness? Are people there due to close relation with the host or just to get into news? Host invites by personal call or send printed invitation to people but close relatives are less as compared to other people becoming part of the party. As party starts, peoples are seen in groups where the host and close friends are seen in one group to take care of the guests. No star wants to miss any opportunities to get into front of camera so that their appearance will be noticed. Even rivals meet in such a way that they are very good friends and are meeting after decades while same people are found insulting them at their back. Whether it is music release function, a brand endorsement announcement, a film launch celebration or something else, reason for every party is same i.e. to get the attention from the media to make their movie or any other matter in highlights. Some people in party are eager to fight on every issue after drinking a little like Salman Khan, recently a top male star’s birthday party, held at the most “happening” nightclub in Mumbai, insiders say a young producer’s pregnant wife had to leave less than 20 minutes in.
Everyone has something to talk about & restroom issues:
If someone is close friend or relative or even knows a celebrity from last ten minutes have a lot to tell about them. Such people are able to grab some passes for the shows of movies or for the award functions but do them really have the value. Are those real parties in which they are invited to enjoy or just they are fool to be there? In party everyone is seen busy in gossips and sometimes issue of restrooms becomes serious. There have been unhappy accidents in the bathroom once the guests have had more than they can handle. Too drunk to even stand properly, the restrooms look like a mess, and at least on one occasion, ended up being the battlefield when a prominent filmmaker inadvertently peed on a major star’s expensive shoes while standing at the urinals.This graduated into a full-blown episode with the star punching the lights out of the director minutes later on the dance floor. There are the usual stereotypes that you see flitting in and out of every filmy party. The first activity that happens is when couples end up there in positions that are both nocturnal and oral. And the other activity is the sniffing of substances. Some party organizers provide guests with glass counters in the restrooms to facilitate the process of inhalation of substances that generate joy.