17 Indians Were Alleged For Killing A Pakistani

Indians Alleged For Killing Pakistani

Indians in UAE: Indians have always craze to go abroad to make their future bright, but from past few months as they are treated in foreign countries arise many questions like is it really secure to go  to foreign countries and earn money? Well, if give a look to past few incidence then simply the answer will be no. Recently people were scared to go to Australia and many Asian countries. Another country that comes in this list is UAE. Dubai has its own charm and it always attract people with its wonderful opportunities. Many Indians prefer to go Dubai as it is consider as one of the richest countries where job opportunities are more. But now days’ it seems Dubai is also into safe for India. Indians are treating like they are faulty and are doing something wrong. And because of this they have been accused by Dubai government. But now this is the limit, they have been alleged by them because of no reason. They have been awarded death penalty because of some illegal alcohol business. Those 17 Indians were alleged for killing a Pakistani and injuring three others in a fight over illegal alcohol business. But their family members refused to accept this.

Indian Sentenced To Death

They are innocent: Far away from their relatives, they are in Dubai to earn money to help their families. But when they went their, they never thought that this will happen to them. They will be sentenced to death for that which they never did. Their families are also disturbed and they all want that their voices should be heard at the highest level. Sharjah’s Shariah court pleaded innocence by putting forward little arguments in their support.  They are innocent and are not doing any illegal work in Dubai. Some said that few of them are reached their recently and how can they be accused for such serious issue.

They are sole bread earners:
Relatives of those 17 innocent Indians hold their photographs and are saying those who are being framed are the sole bread earners of their families. One of their relative Ramoowalia said that his brother had gone to Dubai just 40 days back. Another relative Sukhwinder Sigh said that Baljeet (one of from those 17 Indians) was arrested by police while he was sleeping in his house. Balraj Singh, father of Arvinder’s Singh said his son was in Dubai from past two years and was working as a driver. He also added that he was about to return when got arrested from the airport. My husband went to Dubai more than two years ago in search of job and had given Rs one lakh to travel agent by selling our tractor trolley.”  Jaspreet Singh was with his brother Kuldeep Singh in Dubai and had recently returned home. “I came to know about the sentence only from a friend of Kuldeep’s in that country,” said Jaspreet who hails from Moga.  Expressing concern over the sentence, Ramoowalia sought the intervention of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.