Sania Mirza Engaged To Shoaib Malik

Sania and Shoaib

Sania Mirza engaged to Shoaib Malik: Indian tennis star, Sania Mirza who recently called off from her fiancé and childhood friend in January is recently engaged to Pakistani cricket player Shoiab Malik. The Geo television reported that Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza will tie the knot on 15th April 2010. Although till that time neither of their families said anything on this but recently Sania’s father clarified that they will get married in the middle of the month of April. According to that channel mother of Shoaib came to India and met Sania’s family and accepted her as future daughter-in-law. People get shocked after hearing this news and it was unbelievable that an Indian star marry to Pakistani player. There are lots of queries in the mind of people and to know the answers they continuously called the Sania’s family, but did not get any response. Even they did not get reply to their emails. Before this it was news that Shoaib Malik was accused of marrying Ayesha Siddqi (Hyderabad) in 2002 but he refused to accept his marriage with her. He said we were merely engaged. Ayesha’s father had also threatened to sue Malik for jilting the girl and not giving her divorce.

Shoaib Malik

Sania and Shaoib will live in Dubai: According to news Sania Mirza is not interested to live in Pakistan and so they have decided that both will live in Dubai after their marriage. The reception is expected to be held in Lahore on April 16 or 17. Shoaib is already living in Dubai and thus found no problem on Sani’s decision. Sania met Shoaib six month ago and they fell in love with each other and this could be the reason of Sania’s separation from her fiance Sohrab Mirza. Shoaib is so delighted with his engagement with Sania and is willing to get marry soon. He said that he ois expected that he will get marry this year, but all depends on his family. When he was asked that is this an arranged marriage or love marriage? He simply said that everything is taken place with the concurrence of my family.

Sania Mirza

Is Sania leaving tennis? This is a big decision for both families in recent circumstances as the relation between two countries are not so good. In such situation, this decisions certainly a big decision. Well Sania is an Indian tennis star and struggling for her career in these days, and during this period this step is undoubtedly tells that she is no more interested in tennis and may be leave the game and stay in Dubai forever. Shoaib is also trying to maintain his position in the Pakistan cricket team. He said although he lives in Dubai, but whenever will get chance to play for Pakistan, he will definitely play. But there is no response from Sania for her play, so do we assume that she is quitting from the game? She is the only who answer it. We just wish her good luck for her future.