Increasing Internet Users Across The World


Increasing internet users across the world: Internet is like a revolution in the technology world. Initially there were less number of people who had access to internet but in today’s modern era the number is increasing significantly. People are becoming more aware about it advantages and are adopting it for the development. It was used initially for the information but now due to increasing number of social sites people have got portal where they can connect with each other and by this way they can connect to people of various countries through social sites. Internet is vast source of information and has proved beneficial in various fields. Whether it is banking service or railway booking, internet is right and quick solution. It has made life for people very easy with its wide facilities on few clicks. In past it was limited to some areas but now it is wide spread and numbers of people using it have increased with it as well. Students have got wide scope of research on various topics of their interest which proves to be beneficial. Internet has become lifeline of any economy and countries can’t imagine themselves without internet.


Internet users increased in New Zealand: With the advancement in technology people are also becoming more aware of these and according to an international survey it is found that in New Zealand, the number of people using internet for personal purpose has significantly increased in previous years. It is found according to an internet project that 79 percent people in New Zealand were using internet in year 2007 while now the number has increased to 83 percent. About 82 percent from these are found that they check their email every day and more than half percent of people are using social networking sites. Most of people prefer to use Facebook among the social networking site and trend of using net is continuously increasing. Allan Bell is professor in Auckland University of Technology and had directed the study said that role of web has widely changed as in past people used to use it for the some information while now it has become integral part of our daily life.


Role of social networking sites: Today net is not only treated as source of information with launch of many social networking sites. Internet has provided people a portal where they can contact with people of different country through various social networking sites. Social networking sites like my space, Facebook, Orkut, friendster and many more have changed the look of internet. There are large numbers of users of these social networking sites who use it on regular basis and this number is increasing with time. Personal computer seems to be useless without having internet facility and internet has made us dependent on it. Social networking sites has added value to the internet service as with having these site it is not necessary that someone is using to just find some form of information on net which was primary use of internet in past.