Influence Of Broadcasters On Cricket

Eden Garden

Influence of broadcasters on cricket: Broadcasters telecast the matches and those broadcasters who have got rights to telecast on televisions are beginning to influence the rules and regulations in any formats of sports. Such influence can be clearly seen in the cricket. Selection of pitch for playing the match is almost dedicated by broadcasters. Broadcasters justifies their view with different reasons like if cameras will be placed at the two ends of the ground and behind the stumps then these will provide good view to the viewers and people can clearly watch the matches from their televisions. It is not the case in India but it happens in every country. This problem of selection of pitch in India is more severe than in other parts of the world. This can be noticed from one of the most beautiful cricket ground, Eden Gardens in Kolkata where there is no options to select the pitches for the big matches while ground is among largest ground in India with capacity of over 90, 000 spectators. Experienced curator Andy Atkinson who is a pitch consultant of the International Cricket Council said that broadcasters said that due to placement of television cameras and corporate boxes for the coverage in Eden Garden can be only on one pitch for the world cup matches and they can’t shift some of the corporate boxes. He was annoyed from the broadcasters and said that lack of space for placing cameras behind to sets of stumps gave no choices to guardians in preparing the pitches for the matches. He was looking at the preparations of the grounds and pitches for the cricket world cup 2011 which will be jointly hosted by India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He told that broadcasters have told them to prepare only three pitches for the world cup and it is sad as they said they would not be able to cover the matches properly if other pitches will be used.

International Cricket Council

ICC World Cup 2011: In year 2011 tenth ICC Cricket World Cup will be played in the month of February and March. 2011 cricket world cup will be hosted by three countries jointly i.e. India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It is first time in cricket history when Bangladesh is co hosting this big event. Before Pakistan was also among co-host for the world cup but due to attack on the Sri Lanka national cricket team in Lahore changed the matter and International Cricket Council decided to take the rights of hosting from Pakistan and distributing among the other three countries which are hosting the world cup. Pakistan had to host fourteen matches off forty nine matches. Eight of those matches will be hosted by India, four by Sri Lanka and rest of two by Bangladesh. Office of the organizing committee was in Lahore but later shifted to Mumbai. There are total fourteen teams which are divided into two groups. Group A has teams Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada and Kenya while group B includes India, South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland and The Netherlands. First match of the tournament will be played at Dhaka between India and Bangladesh on February 19, 2011. From total of 49 matches in this world cup, 29 matches will be played in India on 8 grounds, 12 matches in Sri Lanka on 3 grounds and 8 matches in Bangladesh on 2 grounds. From 29 matches to be hosted in India includes one semifinal and one quarter final and final match will be played in Mumbai, India too. 12 matches of Sri Lanka include one semifinal match and one quarter final while 8 matches to be hosted by Bangladesh includes two quarter finals. Australia has been the most successful of the five teams to have won the tournament, taking four titles. The West Indies have won twice, while India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have each won once. Winner of world cup 2011 will be decided in the final match who will be played on April 2, 2011.

Indian pitches for world cup:
India will be hosting maximum matches for ICC World Cup 2011 and for this purpose eight venues are prepared. India had previously hosted world cup in year 1987 along with Pakistan, in 1996 with Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Four matches will be played be in Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in Delhi which has sitting capacity of around 48,000. These four matches are between South Africa and West Indies on February 24, 2011, West Indies and Netherland on February 28, Canada and Kenya on March 7 and fourth match is scheduled between India and Netherland on March 9, 2011. Four matches will be played on Eden Garden in Kolkata which include match between India and England on February 27, South Africa and Ireland on March 15, Netherland and Ireland on March 18 and last match on this ground will be played between Zimbabwe and Kenya on March 20, 2011. Four matches will be played in Bangalore at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium which has sitting capacity of 42, 000 and matches scheduled to be played here are between England and Ireland on March 2, India and Ireland on March 6, Australia and Kenya on March 13 and last match on this ground will be played between Australia and Canada on March 16, 2011. Four matches are scheduled in Nagpur at Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium having capacity of 45, 000 people. First match on this stadium will be played on February 22 between England and Netherland, then on February 25 between Australia and New Zealand, Zimbabwe and Canada on March 28 and last match between India and South Africa on March 12, 2011. M. A. Chidambaram Stadium of Chennai with sitting capacity of 50, 000 spectators will host four matches.  New Zealand and Kenya will play first match on this ground on February 20, South Africa and England on March 6, England and West Indies on March 17 and last match between India and West Indies on March 20, 2011. Sardar Patel Stadium is having capacity of 54, 000 and it will host total 3 matches which includes one quarter final match while other two matches are scheduled on Australia and Zimbabwe o 21 February and New Zealand and Zimbabwe on March 4, 2011. Punjab Cricket Association Stadium has capacity of 30, 000 and it will host one semifinal match and two other matches between South Africa and Netherland on March 3 and West Indies and Ireland on March 11, 2011. Wankhede Stadium of Mumbai will host final match and other two matches between New Zealand and Canada on March 13 and New Zealand and Sri Lanka on March 18.