Mayawati once Again ‘Mala’ Mal

Mayawati once Again Mala Mal

Foundation Day Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supreme Mayawati celebrated her party’s 25th foundation day in Lucknow by organizing a big rally. It was BSP founder Babu Kanshi Ram’s 76th birthday and she celebrated her party’s silver jubilee in the thickly packed Ramabai Stadium in the capital of UP. Presently she is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and is infamous for her statue establishments at public places by using the hard earned money of the public of the state. She had been establishing the statues of B R Ambedkar and Babu Kanshi Ram which can be called a tribute for their work for the betterment of the deprived and down-trodden people of India. But it has not ended here. She has established her own and her Party symbol’s statues along side Ambedkar and Babu Kanshi Ram’s statues which is the indication of her ‘sick-psyche’. It must be learned that BSP had emerged as the single largest party in the state assembly elections and had become the only party to form a government on its own after the gap of almost two decades. Before it UP had seen many coalition governments that used to fall pre-maturely. With its arch rival Congress in the centre, BSP and the former are always at the logger-heads and waste no chance of opposing each other. This time BSP’s opposite parties have an ‘appropriate platform’ to oppose her. At one hand communal riots had broke out in Barely while on the other hand BSP was preparing to organize the Lucknow rally why using crores of rupees of the public money.

Criticism But it has not ended here. During the foundation celebration, Mayawati was gifted a garland of 1000 notes by her party men which has shocked all the spheres of the Indian society. She was assisted by more than four men to wear this garland which indicates that this garland was worth crores of rupees. This incident had warmed the ‘rumor market’ and had caused flutter in the headlines. This incident had rocked the Indian Parliament and the house proceedings had to be postponed for a long time. Congress, Samajwadi Pary and Bhartiya Janata Party had showed concerns about it and had said that it is the sheer wastage of the public money and the government machinery. On the other hand BSP has said that these are the decade’s old practices to gift notes, coins or ornaments through various ways to the political leaders. State party president of BSP Swami Prasad Moria said that opposition parties are in a shocked state after seeing the gathering in Lucknow and are raising the garland issue as it is the first of its kind.  Mayawati used to project herself as ‘Dalit Ki Beti’ but opposite parties have stated to call her ‘Daulat Ki Beti’. Some opposition leaders have termed this incident as ‘vulgar display of money power’. But Mayawati and her party men have not paid any heed to this wide spread criticism  Besides it they have gone one step ahead and once again presented her a garland of various kind of notes worth  Rs. 18 lakh. After it BSP spokes person said that each UP division of BSP had contributed one lakh rupees to make the garland to be presented to the party president.

Again Mala Mal

Dalit Goddess This whole incident has proved that now Mayawati has become ‘Daulat Ki Beti’ in reality. When she was being gifted the garland those people were raising slogans that were not even sure that they have enough grains at their home for their night’s meal. There is no doubt that after ‘landslide victory’ in state assembly elections Mayawati is in high spirits. She has never hesitated from showing her ‘money and muscle’ power. Recently she had boasted that she has purchased a palatial bungalow with the donation of the poor people of Dalit Samaj. There are many strange kind of issues related to her ‘love for money’. Whenever she is inquired by the Income Tax Department she tells that Dalits have gifted these crores of rupees.  Mayawati is facing many court cases against her the number of which is more than the years she has ruled the state. One of the most famous cases is related to Taj Mehal. Crores of rupees have been bribed in this case to provide unnecessary benefits to some parties. She does not even rule according to ‘rules and regulations. Baseless court cases, attacks of the crowds on the households of her opponents and harassment is a common practice in UP. She uses these kinds of tactics to show the militant power of her party men and to present herself as the goddess of the Dalits. A few months ago in a public rally she had announced, ‘I am the Dalit Goddess and worship me’.

congress rahul gandhi
Congress Rahul Gandhi

Congress Meanwhile Income Tax Department has started enquiries in the ‘garland’ related issue and there is no doubt that this issue will end like the previous issues of its kind. But there is no doubt that this issue has provided some concrete ground for the Congress party to organize street protest against the ruling party in Uttar Pradesh. It must be learnt that in the last Lok Sabha Elections, Congress had emerged as the single largest party though it had not won enough seats in UP. Congress is desperate to regain its lost power in UP which can establish it in centre on its own. Lalu, Mulayam and Left are in a much weakened position and in this situation Mayawati’s BSP is the biggest ‘enemy’ of Congress. With an eye on the 2012 Uttar Pradesh assembly election, Congress has stepped up its efforts to launch a campaign in the state to once again bring the Dalits into its forth. Rahul Gandhi will start his long march in the state from 14th April and this issues has provided and opportunity to create ground for the campaign.


BSP Mayawati
BSP Mayawati



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