Host Your Own IPL Party


Host your own IPL party: In our day to day busiest and monotonous daily routine life if some thing interesting comes it really changes the life and brings new light and charm to live. So same is with the IPL cricket tournament, where the situation is very tough and sensitive, as IPL-Twenty-20 cricket is all about handling pressure and having nerves of steel, but with some buckups and cheering we can make it enjoyful and supportive to our favorite teams. Moreover, with the come back of 3rd season series for almost a month period we would have full entertainment and would make the nation to enter into a contest and excitement. Besides that we can make it more interesting and cheerful by making parties and cheering and buck-up our favorite teams by different manner through which we can enjoy even the state of nervousness and excitement of the matches. So we can celebrate IPL cricket with few simple styles or ways by some important simple cool tips of making party with the friends. To make the celebration atmosphere we can throw parties for our friends to cheer-up our favorite teams by first of all selecting dress code and the dress code must be as per your favorite teams official color like: if you are supporting and cheering for Delhi Dare Devils, Mumbai Indians Rajasthan Royal or Kolkata Knight Riders then the T-shirt can be picked from blue, red or black color. Or if you want to make your party more excited and colorful then you can paint your face with your favorite team’s color or you can write the name of your favourite team on your t-shirt with the paint. All these colorful activities would certainly make your routine and boring life very cheerful and interesting.

Royal Challengers

Party’s Special Menu selection: Now after dressing as per the favorite team’s color, the menu of the party should also be according to the favorite team’s location that is if you are supporting and cheering for Mumbai Indians then you must select Vada pau, pau bhaji and dabeli. Similarly, if you are cheering for Kolkata Knight Riders or Rajasthan Royals then opt for gol gappas, samosas, rasagullas, bhujias, boondi or numkeen. On the other hand if you are supporting Chennai Super Kings, Deccan Chargers or Bangalore Royal Challengers then the menu should bearray of idlis, dosas and uppams. But, if some one is the fan of Delhi Dare Devil or Kings XI Punjab then the menu should be selected as samosa, jalebi, aloo chart and chole bhature. So along with food some drinks should also be served to make the hooting more enjoyable for the sixes and fours taken by your favorite players. The drinks can be as per your and your friend’s choice like some heady drinks- tequila, panipuri, white rum gola, jaljeera, and vodka. To make the drinks more attractive you can serve these drinks in colorful and funky glasses by decorating them with umbrellas, cherries or mint leaves. By enjoying snacks and drinks we can make our party more interesting by adding some loud music and songs to cheer our favourite teams like: some latest rocking remixes of Jai Ho, Saaya, Jee Karda, Aaa Dekhen Jara, Chandni Chowk to China and many more dizzling and cheering songs as per the fours or sixes and the wickets grabs of the teams. You can even play the drums and bugles if you are the supporter of Delhi Devils or Kings XI Punjab team, which will definitely create a very colorful and unforgettable atmosphere which will remain in our minds for ever.

Chennai Super King

Indian Premier League’s Special Teams: There are eight special teams which are participating for this special series i.e. IPL T-20 in season-3. The teams are as: Bangalore Royal Challengers, which is owned by united breweries group- Vijay Mallya and its captain, is Anil Kumble with Coach Ray Jennings from South Africa. The next team is Kolkata Knight Riders, owned by Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla with Captain Saurav Ganguli, similarly the third team is owned by India Cements as Chennai Super Kings with its captain MS Dhoni. The next team is The kings XI Punjab owned by Preity Zinta, Ness Wadia and Mohit Burma with captain Kumar Sangarakka.The other teams are Delhi Dare Devils, Rajanthan Royals, Mumbai Indians and Deccan Chargers.