Role Crucial In IPL-Fight For The Top


Role crucial in IPL-Fight for the top: As we all know that IPL-20-20 matches’ series are going to start today i.e. 12th of March’2010, in Mumbai and expectations of every body for their favourite teams are very high. The situation of the captain of the twenty- twenty IPL would be very critical and strange as their responsibility would be quite high and obviously they have great pressure too. As the captain has to play a very important role by planning certain things and the strategies to get the toughest situations to overcome. So IPL playing is really a very tough situation for all the teams where the players from all over the world are playing with such a high price over them which makes a high pressure on them infact the pressure gets multiplies, the two reasons being one the high price money and the second is that the top three teams get to play the Champions League, which makes the fight more crucial and intense. Therefore, in such a critical situation even the captain for the team required to be very calm and organized which could hold the nerve even while focusing on the critical and toughest goal or destination that is success. He should be able to control the difficult situations very calmly and wisely to reach the top three category for the next difficult target to play the Champions League. Although, the situation is very tough and sensitive, as IPL-Twenty-20 cricket is all about handling pressure and having nerves of steel and strategy is very important here but we have good captains also those have very good records to hold such situations very wisely and reach their success in a very sophisticated manner. So, the slow bowlers in this pressurized IPL may play crucial as the fast bowlers and fast runs taking could show the desired results for the very tough destination.

Chennai Super King

The strong wicket keepers and Captains of IPL: This time the all the teams have got strong wicket keepers preferably the pressure bearing persons like: Mahendra Singh Dhoni, he is a leader who always enjoys pressure as he is a captain of Indian Team and used to intense pressure and scrutiny. He is man of great man-management and leadership qualities moreover he is very famous to back his decisions also. Along with the wicket-keeper, Dhoni is the captain of The Chennai Super Kings of IPL matches, so as per the previous records the team shall be one of the favorites this time. Now, the next very strong and important wicket-keeper if we would talk about is Shane Warne, he is also a very prestigious man and born leader also. He is having a very high cricket brain as well as an ability to absorb pressure, which is very important quality for a wicket keeper to have. But the only weaker point is that he is not playing cricket regularly, as he has not played for a very long period that is 2 years but he has got a very good quality that he can play very well even with the young players also. He is playing for the Rajasthan Royals. Similarly, the next strong wicket keeper we would like to talk about is Saurav Ganguli, he was also an innovative captain of Indian Cricket team and was enjoying his game by leading the team.As a Captain of the team he read every thing of the game team well and can think on his feet. Ganguli has all the qualities of a leader and can manage his team very well as well as bear the pressure also. Now, comes Kumar Sangakkara, he is also a captain of Sri Lanka, so he too has these qualities and advantages. He is at the prime of his cricket life which could give him more confidence and stress bearing.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar and Adam Gilchrist: Among all other strong cricketers and leaders of IPL, Sachin Tendulkar and Adam Gilchrist are the exceptional and outstanding cricket stars. As both of them have never shown very bright results being captains of their teams. Both are playing very well and performing outstanding results but when they are out of the captainships, might be due the over pressure of team’s responsibilities. Adam Gilchrist’s team had taken the IPL crown last year but his individual performance was not so well. Similarly, the history of Indian cricket proves that under the captainships, Sachin Tendulkar never proved himself and given very average some times below average results, he is not stress taking person.