Changing Food Habits

Food Habits

Food- Base of good health: Food is the thing that is necessity of all men either rich or poor certain amount of food is necessary to keep the body fit. But the three meals a day are the bane of housekeepers the world over and so it should be planned, prepared in order to maintain good health. There is also believed that food combination is important for a fit body or a good health. Till the time our oldies always suggest us in this context. But is there any scientific logic behind this or this is the only assumptions made by our ancestors? Like our grandparents always said eating curd with fish is not good for health. Similarly, drinking milk after melon also cause digestion problem and many such stories. Some believes that wrong combination of food has an adverse impact on the digestion and promotes weight gain.

Health experts have their own theory: Nutritionists and health experts have their own theory and they broadened the definition of a ‘balanced’ diet. They found the theory of tropholoy. It is the study of combining food based on energetic and nutritional properties. It works on principles of mixing foods according to important constituents. Different health experts have their own opinions and no one agrees with other.

Food Habits

Raw food- the best option: According to some experts the best food for good health is eating raw food such as fruit, vegetables, sprouted nuts, seeds and grains which keep the body disease free. Even they are critical of the regular Indian food that is Dal and Chapati. According to them, it is acidic food. According to health expert Soorya Kaur, Our diets should contain 70% of alkaline food and 30% of other foods. But most of the people eat wheat products, pulses, sugar and drink coffee or tea which are all acidic in nature and cause many health problems.

Kaur’s 7- day Raw Food Cleanse program:

1st day: Prepare dishes using raw food.

2nd day: Take only green vegetables and fruit.

3rd day: Take juices only which contain 10 different liquids to drink.

4th to 7th day: In these days, take fruits and repeat the diet which enjoyed on the first two days.

She also said that i always suggest people that never mix raw foods with cooked food as it is not good for health. In spite of mixing these two, make a schedule and take meal accordingly. Fix separate days for separate meals. Try to eat cooked food minimally. Avoid milk and milk products as they are modified and impure.

Food Habits

Mixing of food is inappropriate: Some theories said that improper mixing of food cause problems of health like obesity, stomach disorder, body pH level etc. According to these theories, the digestion system of human body gets confused when we eat protein and starch at a time. This improper diet leads to incomplete digestion and toxicity. Also random eating of food also result chemical imbalance which is the main cause of health problems.

Food Habits

Ayurveda-against the mixing: Ayurveda also opposes mixing of food. According to this system, each food has its own taste, energy and post- digestive effect. So, when a person is eating two different foods, it disrupts the digestive power. Today people believe in Ayurveda and its medicine so they also believe on their theory, but it is not mandatory that it always work. I am not opposing that Ayurveda is not effective, it is but as there are many contradictions in this concept so it is little bit difficult to believe on any theory. So be careful while choosing any diet or come to any conclusion. This results in indigestion, fermentation and gas formation.

Food Habits

Some experts oppose this theory: Most doctors and nutritionists do not believe in food combining theories. According to them this concept lacks scientific basis. According to head of Internal medicine and gastroenterology, Dr M P Sharma, he is not aware of any such clinical study which proves that having carbohydrates with proteins or any two concentrated foods at a time can cause digestive disorders. It’s a myth that gastric enzymes change the digestive tone or decreases gastric juices. He also added that eating one kind of food in excess sometimes lower the secretion of enzymes.

Food Habits

Diet regimes vs doctor: According to diet regimes, an alkaline diet like fruit and vegetables can prevent human body from deadly diseases rather than acidic diet like cereals and pulses. They also said that an acidic diet is also causing an imbalance in the pH levels leading to digestive problems. On the contrary to it, doctors reject these ideas. According to them this is the internal environment of the stomach and there is no connection with the diet taking by human body. Internal system controls the digestion and our digestive mechanism is too strong to get disturbed by eating two different kinds of foods together and even if it does, the body rejects such food. According to Dr S P Thakur, senior consultant, the purpose of gastric juices is to neutralize the food that we eat either it is acidic or alkaline. He also added that the medicine taken by us does not differentiate the food on the basis of acidic or alkaline. And if someone sell medicine on this basis then he is misguiding the customer. He also mentioned that pH level of the body is affected under certain health conditions such as infections or diabetes or kidney problems and not by the foods. So, to stay healthy it is important to have a balance diet.

Food Habits

Brief summary: From above all discussions, we could not come to any solutions as different experts have their own theories and they stick on to their theories and work accordingly. So it is advisable that rather than losing yourself in the various theories trust on your body and eat food that is digestible by your body. It is not advisable that you trust on some expert’s theory and change your diet as it may cause some harmful effects to your body. If your body does not adjust your changed diet then it may result to obesity or weight loss. Proper diet is essential for perfect body as if you are not taking proper diet then it also affects your behavior and nature. You become irritated which affects your daily work also.

Following is the tips may e helpful for you:

If you are following any diet chart, be patient and keep your eye on how you feel.

Try to avoid eating habits that aggravate your health condition.

Before taking any decision about your diet, trust on your body.