Ban Weddings On Reality TV: Women’s panel

Rahul Swayavar

Reality Tv shows fake or true: Today the TV shows that gain much popularity are the reality TV shows. These shows get the highest TRPs and people are curious to see these shows. Are they really real or scripted? Earlier when Big Boss was started, there were rumors that the entire concept is scripted and the participants do according to script. Then Rakhi Sawanth’s Swayamvar, in which she chose her perfect match, but later she refused to get marry with her. At that moment, it was said that it is pre-planned and she did all this for publicity and now last but not least Rahul’s Swayamvar. Though he got married in the show and took his Dulhaniya with him. But there is a rumor this marriage is also fixed earlier and it is just for publicity. There are lots more reality shows, no one knows are they really true and what they show is happened in reality? But the fact is people enjoy such reality shows. It’s a good time pass for them and these shows entertain them.


Girija Vyas opposes such shows: The NCW chairperson Girija Vyas opposed such reality shows. She said there should be restriction on such reality shows. She said this is not the way and it should be banned. She also added that all the media houses should come forward to oppose such shows. She said we all know this is not true as we saw the case of Rakhi Sawant. She also said that the NCW organization is taking one step ahead and remains in touch with the information and broadcasting ministry on this context. She mentioned that we have written the ministry to stop such weddings and also got reply from them. She said if needed, we must choose some legal process to stop such marriages. She also added that in next 15 days we will be held another conference in which we will discuss all major points and such issues. She said we are hoping that our efforts will come with good results and we are trying to ban such weddings.

Dimpi is the luckiest one: The entire world knows that last Saturday Rahul Mahajan got married with Dimpi one of the finalists of the reality show “Rahul ka Swayamvar”. It is good that he found his soul mate. All three girls and their families do all what they do at the time of marriage. Now as only one is chosen. All were looking so beautiful and dressed in their traditional dresses. Nikunj, Dimpi and Harpreet are the finalist and among three Dimpi is the luckiest one. The marriage of Rahul and Dimpi was done according to Bangali tradition. There are various famous personalities including Sambhavna (who becomes rahul’s sister during the reality show Big Boss) were come. Sambhavna and other various artists perform on this occasion. Rahul’s family including his mother, grandmother and one of his uncles (close to his father) was also there. The sets were marvelous and the entire decoration is so beautiful. Rahul himself was looking like a prince and all three brides were like princesses. Rahul said it was very difficult for him to choose from three. All are equally beautiful and intelligent. But I have to choose one and I chose Dimpi as my life partner.