Looting Luminaries: Star Thefts On The Upswing!

Hema Malini

Looting Luminaries: Now this is the limit, along with common man, now the thieves have chosen the famous celebrities. They have targeted the Bollywood industries to burglarize. Earlier if remember, Kareena Kapoor was aimed by thieves and now recently Hema Malini was on their target. Don’t get shocked, it is Hema Malini, she was in Nagpur for her event where she entertained the people with her dance and got strong praise from the audience. There is no question on her dance. She is always a good performer and able to attract audience with her acting and dance. She is always known for her role in the one of the biggest hits of the Bollywood industry Sholay. She said, even now people have not forgotten those dialogues and whenever or wherever get chance request me to say the same dialogues “Yunki Yeh Kaun Bola” etc. But who knows her recognition of achievement swept in. Loot worth rs 84 lakhs crept out on the Bungalow of Hema Malini. The midnighters stole gold and diamond jewelry worth rs 79 lakhs and five lakhs in cash.

Hema Malini

Housebreaker broke the window: According to unofficial care taker of the Bungalow who is also the cousin of Hema Malini told that one of the windows of the Bungalow was broken and valuables from the Bungalow were missing. He immediately alerted Hema Malini about the incident and she filed a complaint in Police Station on her return to Mumbai. There were a security guard and other watchman, still it happened, and so all they get detained as they may be or with the suspects. Hema Malini told to media that there have been no lose of any kind of papers. She said she was very happy with the success of the events, but all happiness shattered after hearing this news. She said I was surprised to know this as it is unbelievable news for me. She said she is so excited to come back home after that amazing event where she got so much praise and wah wahi from the audience. But when heard about the theft in her house, all happiness had like gone some where. She said she filed a FIR and hope the police will do their job well and found the burglars. She said in real she wants to know who they are and how they dare to do this. May be she has also doubt on some one but she is not sure and so she thinks better to keep quite.

Kareena Kapoor

Other stars thefts include: This is not happened first or second time. There are numerous stars which suffered from same problem. Earlier in the month of January Rakhi Gulzar was the victim and the burglar scooted off with Rs. 7 lakh. Theft in her Bungalow was quite unsuspected. In the year 2009, Kareena Kapoor was aimed and was theft by snoopers. Gold ornaments and cash worth Rs two lakh were found missing from her residence. But all three were caught by the police with the help of people among teh bungalow. Then earlier in the month of May, 2009 Vivek Oberoi was the prime target. And the police were successful in nabbing his former driver Umesh Sachdeva aka Sonu and two other accomplices in the crime. SO according to past record, who ever dare to do this was caught by Police and we hope that at this time same will be happened. From all this one thing is also cleared that most of teh time the burglars are known either the maid or the driver or they support them. So from this we get the lesson that be careful in future as it may happen to you also.