Oz Director Under Fire ‘3-Match Ban Harsh


Oz director under fire ‘3-match ban harsh’: An incident occurred during the India’s Hockey World Cup campaign on Sunday that Pakistan mid fielder Fareed Ahmed was hit by our Indian player ace striker Shivendra Singh who is suspended  for the three matches by the International Hockey Federation (FIH). It was later viewed by the FIH on video that Pakistani player Fareed Ahmed was hit by Shivendra with his hockey stick which was against the rules of the game and was decided for his suspension for next three matches. The tournament director Australian Ken announced the decision on Monday by reading the minutes of the decision meeting. But Hockey India (HI) secretary general Narendra Batra filed an appeal against the ban but the decision on the appeal would be taken soon. India has to play against Australia, the toughest team in Pool B and absence of Shivendra would definitely be affected the team’s performance. Shivendra had never been faced such type of allegations in his 110 matches career and this time also it is believed that umpires in the field had just ignored his incident. The International Hockey Federation has also suspended Pakistani player Irfan Mohammed for a game for wearing unapproved gear in the match versus India.


Indian Coach- Brasa called it Harsh Decision: Indian Hockey team’s coach Jose Brasa is totally disagreeing with the decision of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and called it totally unfair. He said that Shivendra was penalised for no fault of his and he was confident the foul was deliberate. He said that there was a clear breach of the code of conduct and there was no dispute about the facts of the issue arisen. As per Jose Brasa there was no need for the stick to be lifted and that the behaviour of Shivendra was reckless to the safety of Fareed Ahmed. The Indian team has appealed for the suspension of Shivendra and they hope to get the jury’s decision soon in a positive way. So as per the Indian Coach it was a very harsh decision that must be affecting the performance of the team in other important matches to be played for Pool B. As per him the suspension of a player for 3 matches in a seven-match tournament is a really very big issue and the demoralization of  the team also and he also acclaimed that he has not seen such a harsh and tough things at any world-level meet and the major issue is that he is left with only 15 players for the match against  the strong team- Australia. Brasa is so annoyed and said that FIH has a right to take such decisions but why only his team in being selected for the same during the course of tournament. As per Brasa the other two matches of the tournament were also very physical but why they have not been bothered and checked by FIH. He said that he himself has watched the video but not found anything wrong in it and even umpires and Pakistani team have not complaint even.


Indian International hockey Team:  Indian Hockey Team is the national men’s Hockey team and the first non-European team to be a part of the International Hockey Federation. The team won its first Olympic gold medal in 1928 and until 1956 the team remained unbeaten in the Olympics by winning six gold medals in a row. The Indian Hockey team includes the players as Sandeep Singh, Prabodh Trikey,Baljit Singh, Adrian D’Souja, V.R. Raghunath, Gurbaj Singh, Sardara Singh, Ignace Tirkey, Rajpal Singh, Tushar Khandekar, Prabhjot Singh, Shivendra Singh. The ex-players of Indian hockey Team are Dhyan Chand, Roop Singh, Balbir Singh, Dhanraj Pillay, Pargath Singh, Aslam Sher Khan, Sabu Varkey, Prithi Pal Singh. Indian hockey team has won several Honors medals like Asian Cups, Olympics Cups, and Champions challenge in 2001 and 2007. Indian Hockey team played in Common wealth games in 1998, 2002 and 2006 also. Indian Hockey team is one of the best teams of the world.