India Beats Pakistan In Hockey World Cup

Indian Hockey Team

Hockey World Cup: Hockey world cup 2010 is twelfth world cup in men’s category and it was announced by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) on November 14, 2007 that it will be hosted by India and it will last from February 28 to March 13, 2010 at New Delhi’s Dhyan Chand National Stadium. After reviewing the progress of the Indian Hockey Federation’s “Promoting Indian Hockey” program and India’s preparation for the championship FIH had put the Indian hosting in the doubt as progress was not satisfactory but finally on July 18, 2008 that International Hockey Federation confirmed that India will be having all rights to host the men’s hockey world cup for 2010. There are twelve teams which are qualified for the world cup which are divided into two pools having six teams each. Pool A includes Germany, Netherlands, Korea, New Zealand, Canada and Argentina while poll B includes Australia, Spain, England, Pakistan, India and South Africa. On the first day of world cup there were three matches of pool B in which Spain beaten South Africa by 4-2, England beaten Australia by 3-2 while India beaten Pakistan by 4-1. The winning team gets three point for these matches and gets more chances to more forward towards the winning the cup by winning the matches.


Spain beats South Africa: First match of twelfth hockey world cup started at 16:35 according to Indian Standard Time and it was played between South Africa and Spain at Dhyan Chand National Stadium. Spain proved themselves superior in first match over South Africa and beaten them by 4-2 in the inaugural match of the world cup. South Africa had taken lead in the 16th minute when Julian Hykes had scored goal for the team but soon Roc Oliva of Spain made the equalizer in the 19th minute and soon after him in 21st minute David Alegre scored another goal for Spain and taken the team into lead. In the 30th minute of game Ian Haley of South Africa scored goal for their team and made team equal to the Spain and till the half time both team were at a score of 2 goals each. In the second half of the match Spain was heavier on South African team and their team did not let South African player score even a single goal in second half while player of Spain scored two goals in second half. Rodrigo Garza scored goal in 45th minute which took team into lead and when 10 minutes were left in the end of match Pau Quemada scored goal for team which made team two goals forward from the opponents and finally they won the match and got three points for it. South Africa will face England on March 2 while Spain will be playing against Pakistan on same day.

England beats Australia

England beats Australia: In the second match of the day England has beaten Australia by 3-2. Match started at 18:35 according to IST at Dhyan Chand National Stadium. Jamie Dwyer scored for first goal from Australian side in 24th minute which made team took lead but in very next minute Ashley Jackson made the equalizer from England team and just in the 34th minute James Tindall made England team lead by scoring goal. At the half time England was leading by 2-1 but both teams were looking in good form. After ten minutes of half time James Tindall scored his second goal of the match and extended the lead of England team and now Australian team was two goals behind. Team tried to get the goal and Jamie Dwyer scored his second goal for the team in 66th minute of the game but they failed to make any more goals and at end of 70 minutes of play England was leading by one goal which made them win the match with final scores of 3-2. England got three points for winning the match. It was a tough encounter between the two teams to win the match but finally England clinched the match. England will be having next match against South Africa on March 2 and South Africa has already lost one match against Spain while Spain will be playing with Pakistan in their second match of the world cup.

India beats Pakistan: Third match of the world cup started at 20:35 according to IST between teams of pool B India and Pakistan at Dhyan Chand National Stadium. India defeated Pakistan in their opening match by 4-1. From Indian side Shivendra Singh scored first goal for the team in 27th minute of the game and just before the hald time Sandeep Singh extended the lead of team by scoring another goal for the team. India were leading by two goals at the end of first half of the game while Pakistani players were unable to score to score any goal till first half. After end of break too game was in hand of Indian players most of time and just after 2 minutes after break, i.e. 37th minute of game Prabhjot Singh further extended the lead of Indian team by scoring goal for the team and still Pakistani team was unable to get any success. In the 57th minute of the match Sandeep Singh scored his second goal of the game and put team in more comfortable stage with lead of four goals and just 13 minutes left in the end of game time. From Pakistan side Sohail managed to score first goal for their team in 65th minute and till end of game their team was unable to score any other goal so Indian team won the match comfortably with final score 4-1. It was one sided game as Indian team won the match with difference of three goals while Pakistani players also tried to score the goals for their team but Indian team proved that they are better in the game and by winning the match also got the three points. Sandeep Singh who scored two goals in the match in 35th and 57th minute of match was awarded with man of the match award for his excellent performance in the match. Indian team will face Australia on March 2 and Indian team has got confidence by winning first match and Australia has lost first match against England.