Reality TV or Cheap Reality?

MTV Roadies

Reality TV or cheap reality? : As we know that today every channel has started screening reality shows like: Big Boss, MTV-Roddies, Splits Villa, The real world, Survivor, etc. but, these reality shows are not so real and decent, as these shows are also having some cheap and scripted activities which really embarrasses us while watching along with the families. So, parents would certainly love if there children just stopped watching television. Reality TV is really cheap and scripted which is so easy to produce. But, it does not mean that Reality show or television is bad, but we need to be careful about how we let it influence us and we should not spend our most of the time in debating for these shows. When we watch television we have some thoughts in our minds as sex, violence, gossip, whereas the reality is no where. We actually need to have a good filter for what we see, as sometimes even a reality Shows are not always real and carries very cheap activities which may create a very bad situation for the people who are viewing the shows with their families and friends and trapped into a very disgraceful situation.


Splitsvilla cheap stunt: Splits Villa is the name of the programme being screened on the TV channel “MTV’, which is also a reality show. This is the show where the limits of cheapness crosses the level of heights, as one of the female contestant was asking a male contestant to hook her bra, which is really ridiculous in the history of reality shows. The girl of 20 years old from Mumbai, named as Monika had asked the male contestant Mahip Marwaha, 21years old to hook her bra and for the same Monika’s partner 23years old Ashish made some unbearable remarks on that filthy situation for which later Monika slapped him also. Ashish then tried to attack the MTV crew that had tried to film his reactions while crying and throwing things all around. But, Ashish reacted very badly on that female contestant, Monika for her such a cheap activity, which was seemed to be scripted to get the TRP and the attraction of the viewers, he shouted and said that Monika could ask the girl sitting to next Monika to hook her bra but why she had asked the male contestant Mahip to do so, whereas she could get the help of the contestant Riya, who was sitting very next to her.

Reality Show- MTV Roadies: The Roadies is a youth-based scripted reality show which is being telecasted on MTV India. This reality show has a travel, adventure, drama and a touch of sexual disorders, which is produced by Raghu Ram. The each episode of the show consists of number of tasks and challenges which the contestants have to perform. The programme is sponsored by Hero Honda Karizma bikes provided to the selected Roadies to travel on a pre-decided route. Each episode shows a vote-out, at the end in which the Roadies eliminate one of their partner by an unknown vote to decrease the number of Roadies carrying on with the journey. The tasks given to the contestants or Roadies can be either ‘Money Tasks’ or ‘Immunity Tasks’. Money Tasks includes cash, as while successful completion of the tasks, the roadies add cash to their account and similarly, in ‘Immunity Tasks’ the winner of the task is getting Immunity for its successful task becomes safe from vote out.