Shahrukh Khan Cancels Deal With Lux Cozi

Shahrukh Khan

SRK cancels deal: Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan well known as king Khan decided to cancel the deal with well known innerwear brand Lux Cozi. Shah Rukh Khan also owns Indian Premier League (IPL) team Kolkata Knight Riders and they had were also associated with the deal that they will also promote the brand but now they have decided not to have any logo of that brand on their dress. They said that some dresses are already made but now order will be stopped and there will be no logo of their brand on their teams dress. Shah Rukh Khan had also become brand ambassador for the brand but now he doesn’t want to promote the brand any more after oppose from various religious group and other sections.

Shahrukh Khan

Reason to cancel the deal: The brand is linked with Todis who were involved in the suicide case of a Muslim young guy Rizwanur Rahman who was a computer teacher and had married Todi’s daughter Priyanka. Earlier this month a Muslim cleric had issued a fatwa seeking boycott of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie “My Name Is Khan” for his tie up with Lux Cozi even having so much money and still he was becoming brand ambassador of such a company which was owned by such a man who was in controversy. The body of Rizwanur Rahman was found along the railway tracks at Patipukur near the city’s suburb of Dum Dum due to which sparked some outrage following the allegation on Todi for influencing some police officers to put pressure on the guy so that he opt out from the marriage. Later several officers were removed from their posts including police commissioner of the city while Todi and his two relatives along with four senior city officers were later charge sheeted for the encouraging the Rizwan to commit suicide. So now Shah Rukh Khan decided to not to go with such a man who is involved in such a crime and decided to finish his contract with the company. Syed Noor-ur-Rehman Barkati who is Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque appreciated SRK’s act to withdraw from the contract with such people.

KKR without Lux Cozi logo: Shah Rukh Khan owned Premier League (IPL) team Kolkata Knight Riders have also withdrawn with the contract and as it was decided before to have the logo of Lux Cozi on their dresses will not be seen now. They said that they respect the sentiments of people of Kolkata and they are not going to be associated with such people who are involved in such controversy. The mother of Rizwanur Rahman had also requested to Shah Rukh Khan not to endorse any product of Todi’s and now the deal will not go ahead any more. As for merchandising some dresses were already been sold out but now all orders will be stopped before reaching to market. The dresses which players of Kolkata Knight Riders wearing will also not have any logo of product manufactured by Todis.