New Dress Code For Bar Girls- Salwar Kurta?

Bar Girls

Bar girls in salwar kurta: Now girls working in pub in Karnataka will be wearing salwar kurta or some other simple descent dresses instead of luring customers with doing skin show. Supreme court had allowed the needed girls to work in pubs but the pub owners used them wrongly to lure the customers and not following the law and orders as directed by the supreme court but now Karnataka government has taken it seriously to maintain the law and order and decided to have a descent dress code for the girls working in the pubs in the state. Many band artists who were not allowed to work in the bars were also working the pub and were found dancing and entertaining the customers which was against the laws. The government had imposed a ban on the live band performances in pubs and bars looking at the law and order problems.


BJP government’s noble step: It is step taken by the ruling party in the state, BJP as the government does not want hundreds of girls to be employed in bars who lure customers with their skin show so government has planned to have some sober dress for girls working in bars and pubs. B. S. Yeddyurappa government does not want girls to be exploited by the bar owners and taking wrong advantages of the supreme courts orders. State government want all dress girls on descent dresses and they have entrusted the designing task of dress to a government-run fashion institute of Bangalore and they will be designing descent dresses like traditional dresses of South India lehngaa daavani and government will strictly put the laws into effect.

Janata Dal

Opposition not impressed: Opposition party in the state is not impressed from the government’s action to have dress code for pub and bar girls. Former law minister and Janata Dal Secular leader M. C. Nanaiah  said that it is RSS inspired step taken by the government and will they dress the bar girls onto khaki pants, white blouse and white hat. On asking the question about are they taking leaf from Sri Rama Sene founder Pramod Mutalik’s policy of “saving Hindu culture as Sene activists had taken it against the Hindu culture to drink in bars the ruling government’s excise minister M. P. Renukacharya said that it is not so. He said that pub owners are using the laws wrongly in Bangalore and if they will put these dress code in the bars then they can weed out the live band artistes. Opposition is not impressed from the step taken by the BJP government but they have taken a good step to avoid exploitation of the girls in bars and to maintain the law and order in the state.