Has Shiv Sena Lost The Plot?

Shiv Sena

Has Shiv Sena lost the plot? Mumbai Drama – As we all know that Shiv Sena soldiers have protested for the film ‘My Name is Khan’ in Maharashtra and Shiv Sena’s President Uddhav Thackeray’s protest against Shahrukh Khan had made the situation of Mumbai very miserable. The sainiks (Shiv Sena) attacked and damaged booking offices of two cinema theatres in Mumbai Suburbs to block the release of the film ‘ My Name is Khan’ starring the Super star of Bollywood- Shahrukh Khan, on 12th of Feb’2010. The groups of shiv sena activists were protesting and shouting slogans in different places of Mumbai like: Kanjumarg, Bandra, Khar and other parts of the city to create mess and to show the protest. It is also heard that the protesters threatened the cinema hall owners to stop the advance bookings otherwise they would see the consequences of the same. In these different ways Shiv Sena created drama in Mumbai to threaten the Maharashtra public as well Shahrukh Khan to pressurize the Star to be apologized for his statement. But, just opposite to it Shahrukh did not apologize and just passed a tweet that he is really very sorry for all the situations occurred because of him. He also called his fans as the real heroes. But, his film went on successfully all over the Maharashtra.

My Name Is Khan

Shiv Sena has withdrawn the ban: Its latest update that Shiv Sena has withdrawn its ban on Australian players’ participation in IPL Season Three on 16th of February’2010. It shows that Shiv Sena has almost no affect of its threats, as it prove out in the case of Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘My Name Is Khan’ protest- drama in Mumbai. While announcing the decision of the party, the chief of the party Bal Thackeray could not hide his displeasure. He made the excuses to hide his failure that if no one in the country is bothered about the same then why he or his party should get into the issue and it has become the crime to speak in favour of national pride. He declared the withdrawal of their opposition and protest against the participation of Australians in Indian Premier League matches session three. He told that Shiv Sena only opposed Australia for the attacks on Indian innocent people in Australia, which should be stopped immediately. He also told that he has lifted the ban just because our Indian brothers living in Australia requested him to do so that their problems might be aggravated with the same. But it is believed that the attitude of Shiv Sena might have changed because of the meeting between Bal Thackeray and the Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar and BCCI president Shashank Manohar, which was held on February 7.

Ashok Chavan

Shiv Sena’s anger towards Chief Minister Ashok Chavan: After the useless threat of Shiv Sena on Bollywood Hero- Shahrukh Khan, the president of the Party and even sena has shown their anger towards the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Ashok Chavan.The president, Bal Thackeray questioned Ashok Chavan that whether he is the Chief Minister of Maharashtra or the body guard of Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan? As Mr. Ashok Chavan has supported Shahrukh Khan and arranged very tight security arrangements for all the multiplexes and the owners of the theatres for the screening of the film ‘My Name Is Khan’ which was protested by the Saina very badly and created a big scene and drama in Mumbai on Friday to stop the screening of the film. But govt’s good arrangements and security systems made his targets and mission unsuccessful. He said that if Chief Minister is the body guard of Shahrukh Khan then he should wear uniform and stand out side Khan’s Bungalow ‘Mannat’ and salute the passers-by.