Butter Better Than Olive Oil

Small Pieces Of Butter

New research shows butter better: The research is done by Lund University of Sweden which has shown that butter leads to considerably less elevation of blood fats after a meal as compared with olive oil and a new type of canola and flaxseed oil. The explanation is made on the basis that butter contains 20 per cent of the short and medium length fatty acids which are frequently consumed for the release of energy and never affect the blood fat level to any large extent. Study was done on 19 women and 28 men during the research work. The study has shown butter is better than the olive oil for the health as every fat has some drawbacks and benefits.


Explanation for the research: Explanation is provided by the research professional of the university that intestinal cells prefer to store the butter fat instead of the long chain fatty acids from vegetable oils. Julia Svensson, a doctoral candidate in Biotechnology and Nutrition at Lund University explained that butter leads to a slightly higher content of fatty acids in the blood which is a burden on the body. The greater difference in men is due to hormones, the size of fat stores and fundamental differences in metabolism between men and women. This situation complicates the testing of the women since they need to be tested during the same period in the menstruation cycle each time in order to find the reliable results. Julia Svensson explained the findings provided the nuanced image of the various dietary fats consumed by the human being. She said that Olive oil is studied by them thoroughly and its benefits are often inscribed. She told that butter raises the blood cholesterol in the long period which is well known fact while its short term affect can’t be detected well. Olive oil is good but according to their research results different fats can have different benefits. She told that all fats contain high energy content and id someone don’t burn the what we are consuming then this may create problems as our weight goes up and with increase in weight various other risk also start developing in the long term.

About the Lund University: Lund University is located in the Lund in southern most Sweden and is among the Sweden’s most prestigious universities and one of the largest institutions for the research work and education. University is frequently ranked among top 100 universities of the world for its quality educations and research works in the various faculties available in the university. Lund University has partner universities in almost every continent which provides various educations and research works in different streams. University is also known for the active student life and many research professionals of the university have also got the Nobel Prize for their brilliant researches. Arvid Carlsson and Sune Bergstrom got Nobel Prize in field of Medicine; Manne Siegbahn won Nobel Prize in Physics while Bertil Ohlin won Nobel Prize in Economics. Famous physicist Johannes Rydberg who game Rydberg formula and Rydberg constant was also linked with same university. University has produced many famous professionals and continuously growing with excellence.