MNIK House Full In Mumbai

my name is KHAN house full in Mumbai
my name is khan house full

MNIK house full in Mumbai:
Karan Johar directed movie “My Name Is Khan” released in bollywood city Mumbai in controversies and protests by Shiv Sena members. Movie was planned to show in the 63 halls in the city but because of the protests the owners of film halls refused to show the movie and only 13 halls were opened for the movie. Shiv Sena Members continued their protest in the city as well as in the state against the release of the movie but ruling government provided the tight securities in the theaters so that people feel safe and can enjoy the film. Cinema halls were having house full because of people’s interest in watching the movie and many famous personalities went to watch movie, not caring about any kind of warning from Shiv Sena.

My Name Is Khan

Important persons to watch movie: To remove the fear from the people’s mind various politicians of ruling party and many bollywood personalities went to cinema halls to watch the movie and their step did not go waste as theaters got house full. To save the imagine of the government Chief Minister of Maharashtra Ashok Chavan, State Home Minister R.R. Patil and Minister of State for Home Ramesh Bagwe went to theater and purchased tickets to watch the movie at the INOX cinema in the south Mumbai and a result the cinema noticed house full. Other congress leaders also watched the movie in various theaters as Textiles Minister Naseem Khan, Mumbai North MP Sanjay Nirupam, several other legislators and Municipal corporatist from the Congress and the Republican Party of India went to the cinema halls to watch movie. Many bollywood personalities also shown their presence as actor Kabir Bedi and his daughter Pooja Bedi and several other bollywood and television stars went to watch the movie without any kind of fear.

Reason for protest: Shah Rukh Khan is in lead role in the movie with Kajol and SRK had criticized that Pakistani cricket team players were not bought by any team for the Indian Premier League for this year. He own Kolkata Knight Riders Cricket team and said that there are many good player in the Pakistani cricket that had to give chance in the competition. For these comments which show favor to the Pakistani players by Shah Rukh Khan was condemned by Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena did not like that he is talking in favor of the people of Pakistan while Pakistani terrorists had attacked in Mumbai. Shiv Sena members and supporters started protesting against the release of his movie “My Name Is Khan”. They asked that Shah Rukh Khan should apologies for the statement which he has made but Shah Rukh Khan refused for it saying that he has not made any anti-national statement and he just wanted people to come to his country to play and there is nothing wrong in it.