FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup

FIFA world cup: When we are talking about FIFA World Cup, it shows we are talking about the International foot ball tournament. FIFA indicates Football International Federation Association and organized and hosted by the different countries of the world every four years. Last FIFA world cup was held in 2006 in Germany, where only France and Italy were reached the finals but, Italy won the winners Trophy from penalty shootout. Now the next FIFA World Cup is going to held in 2010 from June11th to July 11th and the host country is South Africa this time. FIFA World Cup international tournament matches includes 32 football team-participants from the different countries of the world.

Host Selection: As every nation was interested to host the very important FIFA world cup matches, but the final five countries could make the bids to become the host of FIFA World Cup matches-2010. The countries were: Egypt, Libya, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia. But South Africa got maximum votes as 14, whereas, Morocco got next highest 10 votes, and finally South Africa was declared as the Host for the FIFA World cup matches -2010. The decision was made by the president of FIFA Sepp Blatter after the one round of voting at a media conference on 15th May 2004 in Zurich. So, it was declared the next FIFA as the South Africa World cup matches 2010.

FIFA World Cup

Qualification: The participant teams for the South Africa World Cup matches-2010 had to qualify first of all for the further process and participations and the qualification draw for the same was organized on 25th of November 2007 in Durban, South Africa. Obviously, the host nation’s team South Africa qualified automatically and entered the tournament. But, the previous winner Italy had to participate in qualification.

List of qualified teams: Thirty two countries have qualified the preliminary draw and entered the list of final list of qualified teams for South Africa World Cup matches or FIFA world cup matches -2010. The two teams Slovakia and Serbia had already qualified the draw in previous qualifying draw for the former world cup participation. The countries which are selected as the qualified teams are: Australia, Japan, Korea DPR, Korea Republic, Algeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Honduras, Mexico, United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Denmark, New-Zealand, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovania, Spain, and Switzerland.

Qualification Match Controversies: Like other matches and International tournaments even, the several matches of final qualification in November 2009 were also caught by the controversies. It was in controversy that while playing a match between France and the Republic of Ireland, French captain Thierry Henry handled the ball illegally and winning the goal , which was unseen by the referee. FAI (Federation Association of Ireland) requested for the replay also but it was refused by FIFA. Similarly, one more trouble arrised while playing two matches between Egypt and Algeria, as Algerian bus was stoned by the crowd before the first in Cairo and second in Sudan, just because of their controversial relations between the two countries as per the news reports received. Hopefully, there would be no controversies and troubles be expected during the FIFA world cup and South Africa world cup matches.

FIFA World Cup

Prize money and club payments: The prize money for the tournament participation is to be confirmed by FIFA only and which is as 420 million dollars. The rate was increased in 2006 FIFA world cup tournament approximately 60 percent to the earlier prize money. That means for South Africa World Cup Matches’ winner would get 60 percent more than the winner of 2006 tournament. So it is also decided that each participant team would get 1 million dollar for the preparations before the tournament. The other payment details are like 9 million dollars would be given to Round of 16 teams, 18 million dollars would be given to the Quarter-finalists, similarly, 20 million dollars for the Semi-finalists, again 24 million dollars to the runners ups and 30 million dollars would be provided to the Winning team of South Africa world cup 2010. This is the first time FIFA has decided to provide payments to the domestic clubs in the world tournament.

Mascot: A leapord with green hair born on 16th of June, 1994, 15 years old Zukumi is the official mascot for the FIFA world cup matches-2010. The mascot contains two reflecting colors of the host nation – South Africa’s playing strip that are Yellow and Green attractive colors for the former South  Africa World cup matches  from June 11th to July 11th2010.

FIFA World Cup

Match ball: The match ball for the South Africa World Cup matches is the eleventh World Cup match ball made by the German sports equipments maker. It consists eleven colors and eleven official languages of South Africa. The name of the match ball of FIFA world cup matches is ‘Jabulani’, which actually means bringing joy to every one.

Venues: The very important thing is venue for the South Africa World Cup matches, 2010, which were decided by the organizers of FIFA world cup matches on 17th March 2006. The venues selected are as:, Durban, Johannesburg (two venues), Cape Town, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Polokwane, Nelspruit and Rustenberg.

Preparations: For organizing the South Africa World cup matche-2010, the host nation has done so many preparations. The new five stadiums are planned to be build whereas the existing venues are also to be upgraded, the current public transportations are also in a planning to be improved within the cities. The new buses are also to be started for the convenience of the participants and other international viewers of FIFA world cup matches.

Construction Strike: The workers engaged in construction of the new stadiums and other places for the preparations of South Africa World Cup matches in 2010 have gone for the strike. There are approximately 70,000 workers who are involved in the construction work. They said they are getting very less remuneration for their work, so till the time these organizers are not been penalized they would remain on strike only.

Relocation rumors: It was in rumors that the South Africa world cup matches’ venue is now changed to some other country. From 2006 to 2007, these types of rumors were more in circulation, but the president Sepp Bletter clarified the situation and showed the confidence that FIFA World Cup matches would be held in South Africa only and there is no plan to change the venue.

Controversies: There are some controversies attached to the preparations of South Africa World Cup matches-2010 that the N2 Gateway housing project in Cape Town has planned to remove 20,000 residents from the city and to make rental flats and bond houses in its place before the 2010 – FIFA World cup matches. The residents of the country would be shifted to the poverty stricken township on the out skirts of the cities.

FIFA World Cup

Final Draw: the final draw was approved on 2nd Dec 2009 by FIFA Organizing Committee of South Africa world cup matches and also approved the procedure for the final draw. Pot 1 includes seven counties joined to the hosts.pot2 was of Asian countries similarly, pot3 contains African team and South American teams and pot4 contains European teams for FIFA world cup 2010.