Doctor Casts New Light On Cat That Can Predict Death

Cat Prediction

Cat can predict death? Is it true? Is cat really predicting the death? Well I heard many incidences in this context. People in India believe that if a cat usually come into the house and suddenly stop it means there must be something happened wrong. Now in a research in U.S. doctors and staff came into conclusion that there is a cat (Oscar) in U.S. nursing home that could sense when someone was going to die. According to them the feline imitate as a furry grim reaper.

Cat Prediction

Dr. David Dosa: Dr. David Dosa an assistant professor of medicine at Brown University refused to accept the news of Oscar’s abilities in a paper.  He said it never comes in mind that the arrival of Oscar at a bedside to be viewed negatively. He also mentioned that his newly released book, “Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat” will definitely put more light on the behavior of cat and represent the cat in a more favorable light. He also mentioned that the book also help those people whose loved ones are terminally ill. He hoped that after reading the New England Journal article, the image of an Oscar will clear and one can realize that if Oscar is in the bed still you are dead, but you did not really see what is going on for these family members. No one could really understand what is happening and the opinion about vat’s prediction will change. Dr. Dosa said he wanted to write a book that would go beyond Oscar’s characteristics and to tell his important to a family or its members and caregivers who have been with him at the end of a life. He said story of Oscar is fascinating on many levels.

Death Cat

About Oscar: Oscar was adopted as a kitten from an animal shelter to be raised as a therapy cat at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, which cares for people with severe dementia and in the final stages of various illnesses. And about his sixth sense, it is said that when he was about six months, he started sleeping with the patient who were about to die. The entire staff noticed this from the age of 6 months. They also mentioned that till now he has predicted 50 deaths accurately. According to an incident remembered by Dosa, once a patient was in worst condition and the entire team was assured that he will be dying, but at that moment Oscar refused to sit near to that patient. Instead of sitting close to that person, he chooses another patient and sit near by him. But he was so right at that time and proved once again his sixth sense. That patient was died first and the staff was surprised. He said although there is no scientific evidence to explain the abilities of Oscar, but he thinks the cat might be responding to a pheromone or smell that humans simply don’t recognize. Dosa said Oscar is used as a vehicle to tell about terminal illness. He added it is not enough about Oscar, there is lots more but with this there is a lot to tell about the condition of family members who are gone through in such situation that their loved one’s may leave them. Dosa also explained that this book also help to get rid of myth about the horrid factories. Oscar is now five years old and still the entire staff has hoped that he will forecast about the deaths in future till the end of the life. Some time family members have been thanked Oscar in obituaries for providing some comfort in the final hours of life. About his characteristic, they said Oscar remains unchanged by the attention, and like to spend most of his days staring out of a window. Dosa said when i first met, he bit him but now we have warmed over the years. Now we love each other and have moved into a better place. He said he does not believe that Oscar is unique but yes he is in different environment. He said not only cat, but also there are some other animals that have good sixth sense like the dog sniffs out cancer or the fish predicts earthquakes.