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Foundation of youtube: YouTube is a great video site founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. They were formerly employed of one popular net money transfer site PayPal. They created YouTube in February 2005 and site was bought by Google in November 2006 for $ 1.65 billion and now it is a part of Google and company has base in San Bruno, California. Initially YouTube began with USD 11.5 million of investment by Sequoia Capital between November 2005 and April 2006. They had their headquarters above a pizzeria and Japanese restaurant in San Mateo, California and the domain was activated on February 15, 2005 as and first video was uploaded with title “Me at the zoo” which was made by founder Jawed Kari mar San Diego Zoo and posted on April 23, 2005. YouTube offered beta test in May 2005 and after six months site was officially launched and shown rapid growth. In October 2006, Google Inc. announced that it had acquired YouTube for US$1.65 billion in Google stock, and the deal was finalized on November 13, 2006. Now this site is very popular and people from worldwide use this wonderful site.


You tube, a great site: YouTube is among most popular sites for videos and it is part of Google. This site uses adobe flash video technology to display various videos which includes movie clips or music video or short original videos. It is great site were registered users can upload as many videos as they wish while unregistered users can just only watch the videos. YouTube does not allow uploading copyright violation, encouraging criminal, hated conduct or pornography matter to upload according their terms of service. This site is very popular as it provides a large number of videos of all kinds. It is like a revolution in the internet video world which one can access from any part of world on emails or on social sites even. People from all over the world can share their videos with the people across the world by uploading on the site. Some potential content on site is available only to registered member of age above 18 years. YouTube gets millions of visitors every day which shows its popularity among the people as this site gives them freedom to view videos of their interest and to upload their own videos or any other videos. This site is not much old but its growth is very rapid than other sites. YouTube has struck numerous partnership deals with various content providers from different parts of world like CBS, BBC, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, Warner Music Group, NBA, The Sundance Channel and many more.

Youtube in India: YouTube India launched on May 7, 2008 with domain name and it is language English as well as in Indian national language Hindi. Google is already among most popular site in India and it dominates all search engines in India and its social site Orkut is also very popular in India as well. India is having world’s second highest populations and it’s a developing country so Google have a good scope here in India. YouTube is becoming very popular in India and it has already got millions of registered users from India for watching videos uploaded on their site. Indian can also upload their videos like other users from across the world and it is like a world of unlimited videos. YouTube has got two year contract with Indian Premier League to broadcast all the matches of IPL and these will be available across the world except in United States of America. In most of country there will be live streaming of videos while in some countries where rights are given to television sponsors there match will be broadcast a few moments later. The revenue will be shared by both parties league as well as by Google from the various advertisements and sponsorships. Shailesh Rao, senior manager of Google India said they are happy with the deal to have IPL as their global partner and it will provide the sports and entertainment companies to take their content to people from the globe and it’s also a good opportunity for the advertisers. No doubt cricket is very popular sports in some countries and there are fans of it from across the globe and they will be able to access it easily from YouTube. People in India are frequently using Google and subsidiary sites and are becoming more popular day by day. IIT Chennai has also signed agreement with Google to upload free lectures on YouTube while will be very useful for the students.


Useful resource: YouTube is very useful resource for various kinds of videos. There are various categories of videos on YouTube like autos & vehicles, comedy, education, entertainment, film & animation, gaming, how to & style, music, news & politics, nonprofits & activism, people & blogs, pets & animals, science & technology, sports, travel & events, directors, gurus, musicians, non-profit, partners, politicians, reporters, sponsors, shows, movies and contests which can be people from anywhere and they can use these resources. As there are movies in which one can watch movies trailers and other videos from movies. Science and technology provides were videos links with technology which can be accessed by engineering students and other people as well. In this category one can use the videos available to take some kind of help or want to understand some concept which is explained in the videos uploaded by some user. YouTube also provide political and news videos as well which are also very popular. YouTube can be used as a education tool by students using the videos uploaded on it from its valuable registered users and can also be used as a source of entertainment as it provide videos of songs, movies, games etc. It is site with unlimited fun and one can never get tired using this site because of its amazing videos. In future YouTube may give tough fight to satellite television stations as well.


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