It’s ‘Jai Ho’ At The Grammy’


It’s ‘Jai Ho’ at the Grammy’s: The great music director and maestro A.R. Rahman is on the top of news today, as he got two nominations at the 2010 Grammys for his music from Oscar Award winning film “ Slumdog Millionaire”.  He has reached the exceptional milestone at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. He was nominated for two Academy awards and won a golden globe for his outstanding performance of music for the film. 44 Years A.R.Rahman, the Oscar winning music director, was the earliest winner in the best compilation soundtrack for a motion picture category and earned another trophy for his well composed and hit song “Jai Ho”. He was very delighted and overwhelmed stated “This is insane, God is great again” while accepting the golden trophy of gramophones. Rahman‘s rivals included Bruce Springsteen for the best song category for his song “The Wrestler” from the Oscar nominated movie of the same name. A.R. Rahman made new records and beat Steve Jordan for his “Cardillac Records” and Quentin Tarantino for “Inglorious Basterds”. Last year also A.R.Rahman picked-up for the best original score statuette before winning the Oscar for “Jai Ho” and which has become an international anthem, which was very similar to his Grammy win, moreover it is Rahman’s first Grammy win.


More Indian Oscars- winners:  The other two more Indians who have won the Oscar awards in music are Pandit Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussain. The great Indian personalities A.R. Rahman, Gulzar and Shah really created a atmosphere of Indian presence at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards function held at the Staples Centre. The song for which A.R.Rahman has been awarded the Grammy, has already won several international awards, which includes the most important award-  Oscars also , which was won last year only from the film “Slumdog Millionaire”. The song was sung by the regional playback singer Sukhwinder Singh, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Vijay Prakash along with Rahman and Shah, which gave the new identity to the Indian films in Oscar and other international awards. The lyrics to the Grammy awarded song is composed by the famous lyricist Gulzar and Tanvi Shah, who wrote the Spanish lyrics for it.

A R Rehman

A.R. Rahman the various awards winner:  A.R. Rahman or Allah Rakha Rahman was born on 6th of January 1966, born in Chennai, Tamilnadu. He is an Indian film composer, record producer, of course the great musician and a good singer. He has won several important record breaking awards and honours national and internationally. He has earned thirteen Film fare Awards , four National Film Awards, a BAFTA Award (British Academy of Film and Television Arts), a Golden Globe, two Grammy Awards and two Academy Awards.  He has worked for India’s various film Industries, international cinema and theatre.  He had sold more than 100 million records of his film scores and soundtracks all over the world, and sold over 200 million cassettes which made him one of the worlds’s all time top selling artists.  He had been referred as the “Mozart of Madras” by the Time Magazine and in 2009 the magazine placed him in the TIME 100 list of ‘World’s Most Influential People’

A.R. Rahman’s Career:  A.R.Rahman was born in Chennai in Tamilnadu to a musically affluent Mudaliar Tamil family. His father R. K. Shekhar, was a Chennai based composer and conductor for Malayalam films. So he was born and brought-up in a musical influenced atmosphere. He got his trainings in music from Master Dhanraj. At the young age of 11 only, he joined the troupe of Ilaiyaraaja, as a keyboardist, to whom Rahman’s father rented his instruments. Later he graduated with a degree in Western Classical music. In 1992, Rahman started his own music recording and mixing studio near his home only and known to be Panchathan Record Inn and which was later developed into India’s most advanced recording studio. In the beginning days he composed music jingles for advertisements, Indian Television channels and music documentaries. But, in 1992 only, he was approached by the film director Mani Ratnam to compose the soundtrack for his Tamil film ‘Roza’. His most important invention was the composition of the album Vande Mataram in 1997 on India’s 50th anniversary of independence to commercial success.