Another Reality Show Of A Celebrity

Rahul Mahajan

Another reality show of a celebrity: One more Indian celebrity (is he?) are ready to get marry again through TV channel. Unlike Rakhi Sawant, he is going to get marry directly not engagement. I am here talking about Mr. Rahul Mahajan who get divorce from his wife Shweta Singh earlier is making plan to get marry again. This time he choose TV channel to find a good partner for him (he did love marriage earlier with Shweta Singh). He said no engagement nothing else direct marriage. I will definitely get marry with the girl or woman who is chosen in the reality TV show “Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega”. He said confidently that he will go according to title of the show. He said the title of my show is Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega, so there is no question of engagement or anything else. He said I will definitely take my bride home. He also mentioned that the finale of the show will be his wedding. Rahul told at Udaipur’s Fatehgarh Palace, where the show is being shot. He refused to accept that the format of the show is similar to Rakhi Sawanth’s Swayamvar. He said, I am going to get marry in the show unlike Rakhi Sawanth who just did the engagement and broke it.

Rahul Mahajan

Rahul as Dulha: Rahul Mahajan, son of late Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Pramod Mahajan, is going to become dulha one more time. The format is much similar to previous Swyamvar of Rakhi Sawanth, he will choose the prefect one for him from a total of 15 women. These girls are selected after big hunt from over 16, 000 applicants across the country. Among these girls, around seven girls are associated with the glamour world. Some are news anchor, models, law students and undergraduate students. He also added that these girls are chosen by different fields like human resource management, fashion designing, media professionals etc. When he was asked by his choice he simply said, he is looking for a girl who is honest, genuine and have sense of humor. The biggest put-offs for him are dishonesty and melodrama. He said I want that my wife should happy all the time. About his remarrying he said, I am sure that if my father could alive, he also feel happy with my decision. He also mentioned that it is the desire of his father that he gets marry and having kids. He wanted grand kids and thus to fulfill his desire I decided to get marry again.

Why choose channel? Question here is why did he choose media channel for his marriage? What were the thoughts or reasons behind this? He said media did not leave at that time when I was in problems? I have no private life because of media. He also mentioned that since 2006, the media has continually followed him and covered every activity. So I have decided that whenever I will marry next, it will go live. He also said the only difference is my marriage is shown on single channel instead it got the footage for every news channel. The reality show ‘Rahul dulhaniya Le Jayega’ will air at 8 pm on NDTV Imagine. Monday to Friday. Rahul said he is very excited about the show as he is going to meet his life partner because of this show.