A Healthy You In 2010

Healthy Exercise

A healthy you in 2010: Every year we are taking resolutions for certain things, but how many of us are successful in fulfilling them i.e. only some extent we are able to go according to our commitments and resolutions for the new year. So when we make resolutions for our weight losing or health control we always thing the wrong ways to go, that is either dieting or the wrong way of lifestyle which never works. So in order to control our diets we should better take small steps in the beginning so that we may follow the rules easily. Rather than shifting the complete diet and life style we can start from one thing, master it and then move to the next one. In this way we can reach our destination more easily and the chances of failure can be lesser. So for the implication, we should select one dietary improvement and make determination or commitment. So it may take little time even one or two or even six months also to be in the habit but the point is that you become successful incorporating that one thing in your habit. Slow changes will have long lasting impact, that is weight loss and improve lifelong dietary habits. So, every thing done in limits is very important, whether it is eating, drinking, or exercising. Never run after food, always have a healthy food inspite of junk food. Be cautious about the eating, drinking and exercise limits and eat slowly. These certain habits can bring about a healthier you in the New Year.

Healthy Diet

Dietary Suggestions: To keep our health perfect we should increase the eating of fruits and vegetables in our day to day life. We should eat green vegetables and juicy fruits to keep our self fit and to avoid the excess of exercising and dieting processes. But, avoid frozen or canned fruits and juices and better to take fresh and seasonal ones in order to avoid added sugar, sulphites and other preservatives which are not at all good for our health. Similarly, the next dietary suggestion is to increase the usage of whole grains and cereals in your food items. We should be very serious about our diet and plan it accordingly by including at least grains and rice in our daily diet.  So, bread, cereal, rice o pasta should be planned 6 to 11 servings per day. Whole grains are really beneficial for our health so we should include it half of the time. Similarly, oatmeal is also good for breakfast, as pastas are. Both take equal time to be cooked. We can consider whole grains like oats, wheat, bran and barley in the grains category to be added in our planned and daily diet menu.


Fish Consumption & sweet reduction in diet: For those who are non-vegetarians they can increase the fish consumption in their diet. Optimal consumption is 2-4 servings per week.  The fish consumption can save calories over fattier proteins such as beef and pork, which is also a heart healthy addition. Fish consumption is also beneficiary as it is easy to cook and time saving, as most of the fishes can be steamed, grilled or baked in just 10 minutes. But the thing is that we should find the fresh fish and sea-food and must be sustainable. On the other hand if we want ourselves fit and with out fats we must avoid the excess usage of sweets in our day to day consumption. Try to cut down the sweet consumption or sugar just to half a day and dark chocolate is a very good example of low sweet food. Side by side we should decrease excess intake of soda also, which can also be harmful to our health.

Healthy Diet

Some more changes for the perfect health: Instead of drastic changes, even a small change can also work to improve your habits. Some little changes in the habbits like cutting off the habbit of eating potatoes chips every day can also add a value to your habbit change and can prevent you from the fat earning. Similarly, if we have a half an hour daily walk after the meal , then having a dose of regular vitamin-D from the sunlight and having a good sleep at night can also help us with weight loss. So we can start with something easy that we can do is better, as adding three or four changes in the year must be having a success of losing 20 or more pounds. So don’t be over- burdened by taking bigger tasks of losing weight and getting fit but go for the simple and minor changes in a slower manner and select some diet or weight loss plan also with which you feel to live with for 30 days and get in to those habbits easily.