Himalayan Glaciers Will Not Melt By 2035

Himalayan glaciers

Himalayan glaciers will not melt by 2035: Reacting regarding the controversy of melting Himalayan glaciers by 2035, glaciologists and geologists said that this can’t be predicted with short term studies and it will require complete long term study regarding the behavior and environment and various changes in the region only then one can predict about it. CV Sangewar, director in glaciology division of Geological Survey of India, told to HT from Lucknow that the date of melting of even smallest glacier cannot be determined because there are so many factors which are to be considered for a long time to study which weather parameters and various heat and mass balance studies. It is not easy to determine any such date at the moment and to determine any such date it will require long term study sometimes 50 to 100 years even and there is no such recession in Himalayan region glaciers which can be alarming issue. He told that the study is taken at micro level while it require macro level study covering whole Himalayas and all its various climatic zones which are not considered yet. Talking to HT he told that there are total 9575 glaciers in Indian part of Himalayas and they have studied 40 glaciers since 1906 and the data which they according to that there is no alarming rate of recession or shrinking of glaciers and it is normal as usual 5 to 25 meters per year.

Himalayan glaciers

Reports regarding melting: One study group which was formed by Principal Scientific Advisor to Government of India Chidambaram to collect all the information regarding Himalayan glaciers. Dr Anand Patwardhan, chairperson of the study group told to HT from Mumbai that climate is a one of the crucial factor which will affect the glaciers response but one can’t determine about the glacier response only on the basis of projected climate. He told that their report on various glacier parameters such as recession, mass balance and palaeo climate for cross comparison and other analysis will be submitter later this week which will give important information regarding trends and patterns of changes in the glaciers. He told that the formation of glacier is a dynamic process and a sustained and systematic procedure has to be adopted to understand the whole process. Adding to his statement he said they are at the stage of building the empirical data and they can’t predict anything without modeling the whole glacier system.

Himalayan glaciers

Other Geologist views: Navin Juyal who is geologist at the Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad said that there is no scientific basis regarding the date of melting glaciers in year 2035 and it is just a sensational story which has been criticized in many scientific forums. He told that there is fine line between the statements made by scientist and scientist statement which is closely reviewed and based upon the research. He told that there are some glaciers which are showing recession while some are saying growth so it can’t be predicted regarding melting in 2035. Glaciologist DP Dhobal from Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun said that glaciers will not disappear by 2035 and their limited study of last 10 years has shown normal recession and it is not any concern of worries.


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