Time For 3 Losers: Indra Kumar

Indra Kumar

Time for 3 losers: After the outstanding response of the movie 3 idiots, now it is time for 3 Losers. 3 Idiots is a big hit of the year and has given a fantastic idea to Bollywood director to cash in on the same phenomenon. Director Indra Kumar has taken this responsibility who already directs the movies like Masti and Dhamaal. According to news, Indra Kumar is going to direct the movie 3 Losers. It is also in news that the male star cast of the movie has already been decided. The next 3 Losers will be Sanjay Dutt, Govinda, Anil Kapoor and Akshay Khanna. Though the female cast is yet to decided. After the big hit of 3 idiots, it is a big challenge for Indra Kumar to make a ‘3 losers’.

Indra Kumar

Indra Kumar inspiration: With the movie 3 losers, Indra Kumar are going to direct a movie from outside of his home banner Maruti films. It has been long time that he directed a movie for other banners. The movie 3 losers will be produced by Ashtavinayak cine vision and they are confident that Indra Kumar will do full justice with the movie. As 3 idiots is a big hit, so audience have lots of expectation from 3 losers and we are hopeful that Indra Kumar will not let us down and once again prove himself. The shooting of the movie will commence soon. Indra Kumar is planning to hit the floor in the middle of the year. Indra Kumar who is the person behind laughter riots of the movie Masti and Dhamaal is very positive about this movie. We just hope that film becomes a big hit and fulfill all hopes of Indra Kumar. It seems that Indra Kumar is highly inspired by the direction of Raj Kumar Hirani in the movie 3 idiots and so decided to direct the movie 3 losers. He is very excited and happy to get this chance.

3 Idiots

Will “3 losers” suceed as “3 idiots”? This is the point that may enthusiast Indra Kumar to put their all efforts and energy for the making of the movie. He has to give his best for the movie to reach up to the mark. In an online survey about the movie, there are few who have given a positive response. Some of them said it is little bit difficult to reach 300 crores in box office like 3 idiots. One said we cannot say anything till we see the movie as there are various factors that matters for a big hit. Well either it is a hit or flop, it all depends after the release of the movie. So right now it is not fair to make any statement or response for the movie. Every director gives his best to his all movies. Comparison between two movies or directors is not fair as everyone has its own thinking and approach. Just the name resembles, it does not at all mean that they are equal. One said if same script is written in reverse sequence and titled 3loser (of the heart) or 3winners (of the game) then also it will be equally hit. Some one also says every such sounding movie cannot be a hit. What if someone makes a movie”3 Stooges?” Will it also be a hit?


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