Stress And Its Effects


Stress: Stress is defined as a state of affair involving demand on physical or mental energy. It is the condition which can disturb the normal physiological and psychological functioning of an individual. In medical term it is defined as a homeostasis disorder of the human body. According to psychologists extreme stress conditions are unfavorable for human health but moderation stress is normal and sometime proves useful. In these days, with the rapid diversification of human activity, everyday we face numerous causes of stress and the symptoms of depression. Stress is part of our daily life. You shout at or sometimes get irritated from your kids or even sometime harass your parents about something and it all happens because of stress.

Scientific meaning: If we talk scientifically then stress is a condition of high tension resulting from an accident or injury of heightened emotional response. Some jobs which are highly stressful include job of acting, advertising, politics, controlling air traffic, investing and gambling.

1. Fear: One of the greatest causes of psychological stress is fear. People fear depression, unemployment, heart failure, missiles and bombs. Not only this, but also in homes they may face marital incompatibility, quarrels, family illness, or financial troubles.

2. Mental Stress: Mental stress is responsible for illness like ulcers, spastic constipation, diarrhea, high blood pressure and migraine headaches. Sometimes this mental stress produced stressful circumstances.

3. Repeated Stress: When a person is subjected to repeated stresses, it likely to develop nervous breakdown. The stress produced by the problems that a person face in daily routine led to the widespread use of tranquilizers.

The real issues behind stress can be best understood with a number of facts. Take a look at the following points:

1. Stress is common in almost every human activity and also we can not compare it with nerve tension. Sometime taking stress is beneficial but this is very rare.

2. Another issue of stress includes death of a child, jail sentence, major financial problems, divorce and the beginning of an extra-marital affair.

3. There are some environmental factors that are also responsible for stress. These include status of health, the social class, and the size of the household.

4. Some stresses are unbearable or uncontrollable. Such kinds of stress are shown through various emotional, behavioral and physical signs, and the signs of stress differ extremely according to each individual.


Physical Signs of Stress: The physical indications of stress include sleep interruptions, tense muscles, annoyance, gastrointestinal problem, and exhaustion.

Emotional and Behavioral Signs of Stress: It consists of apprehension, fear, alterations in eating practices, depleted energy, and mood swings.

But it is not necessary that these signs or symptoms indicate that a person has elevated stress as these indications may be due to other medical or mental problems. Though it is the fact that a person who are in stress like to maintain harmful activities like drug and alcohol addiction, excessive cigarette smoking, and poor eating habits. But these are not the solution, in fact it add the harshness in human behavior.

Remember that all people may be prone to stress – no matter what age you are in and no matter what status of life you have. If you have a support system with you, it is easy to do away with the situation. But at the worse, it may only lead you to panic attacks.


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