Threat To Job Portals, Want A Job? Network Online

Job Portal
Job Portal

Threat to job portals, Want a job? Network online
As it’s a hard time to find a job easily, the recession has hit people very hard, websites like, and face book are proved to be the successful source of job seeking as well as social networking. These social networking sites give a tough competition to job portals. Through these sites the job seekers not only find the jobs but also interact directly with the potential employers online. Today, making a resume is also very easy, as we have to just put your professional -cum-personal profile on the sites and add relevant information under various sub-topics, as soon as the profile appears on the site, we get a sms or sometimes these sites directly offer the jobs.

Networking Site
Networking Site

Benefits of Sites
The most important benefit of these sites is that most of the good companies or MNCs visit these sites and the career oriented groups and on these sites to seek the right employees. Today every company has got its web site, companies like: Tata, Birla, Reliance group, Ranbaxy, Dabur, etc. other big giants are searching their personnel through the social/ commercial sites. Every where in the world people find these social sites very useful and easier way to get the jobs and work by sitting at their homes even. Just to put the required profiles and criteria, we can find the good staff for our offices in a very short period of time; this is really a positive point of these web sites. Through these websites we can expose our self to out side world and can get the benefit of being exposed. Similarly, we can make social networks through these web sites. Not only job-hunting but websites can help in so many other ways also. Even students can get the benefits by creating their profiles in such websites by creating contacts through these sites, which may help them in long run in their professional lives.

Different remarks of people
  Mr. Yogesh Bansal is the founder and CEO of It is a career as well as social net-working site and it was launched in the Year 2006. This web site has got approx half a million registered users and it generate near about five million page reviews on monthly basis. As per Mr. Bansal, his site has managed to tie-up both the social and career aspects of networking.  Similarly, 24 Years old freelancer writer, she also had got the job through one of the web site and says that people log on to communities and groups of various companies on these sites. So it is easy to make friends with them and it is also good to build one’s contact for the future.


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