Dubai To Build Tallest Residential Building “Pentominium”

Dubai a wonderful place
: Dubai is the dream land of everybody’s life. Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities across the world which comprise of all the latest and modern amenities. Dubai is the place where life means enjoyment. Its beautiful buildings, life style always attract people towards it. Dubai is the place where everyone feels real life and also realizes that actual enjoyment is here. Dubai is famous for its fabulous treatment and services. Persons who go there for once always want to be live there forever. This is the charm of Dubai and its amazing and smashing life that resist a person to stay there. Dubai has many tall buildings which increase the grace of the Dubai and in the night this city looks just like some one reaches in heaven. Like any metro city the night life is active in Dubai and people enjoyed a lot or can say at its fullest. Not only is this there is also world’s tallest tower situated because of which Dubai is famous across the world. Dubai is famous across the world because of having largest building known as Burj Dubai.

Dubai to build world’s tallest residential tower: Once again Dubai is back with one more biggest and tallest building. This is a building that is set to make statement. Trident International holdings made a contract with Arabian construction Company (ACC) in 400 million USD to build a residential tower in Dubai Marina. They decided to name the building ”Pentominium”. This name which is given to the building is derived from two words penthouse and condominium. The aim is to build the building that will be one of the worlds largest almost second largest in the world. The infrastructure of the building includes either half a floor or entire floor. This seems that this residential building will be the world’s best residential building for the time being. The total floor in the building will be 124 which sounds excited that a building of 618 meters having 124 floors.

Pentominium structure: The total built up area of the building will be around 170,000 square meters. It is expecting that the whole building will be ready in 48 months. According to the company this will be the world’s first largest residential building after completion. They also mentioned that this is the highest project in terms of residential building. The CEO of Trident International holdings Wazir Daredia said Pentominium is the largest project which escalates the concept of luxury and establish a new standard of life. This will definitely be going to make a rocking life where everyone will get all luxurious amenities. Just wish them all the best and curious to watch such building.


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