Swine flu detected again

Today three fresh cases of Swine Flu have been reported which includes a women and her daughter almost 5 years old. With registering of these three cases in Andhra Pradesh the total toll raises upto 8 now. Among those who have been found positive of A(H1N1) includes a young man of 24 years who happens to be the brother of a US returned technician. This technician was also reported to be infected with infection. Reports show that it is the first indigenous case in India because others who were found positive have come from abroad, but this person dint travel however found infected. Among the eight people found infected six are from Hyderabad. This woman and her daughter were traveling with this 28 year old technician from Philadelphia to Hyderabad.

Those who are infected have been kept away from common people as they are put in isolation and are being treated in Chest Hospital of Hyderabad. There were four other travelers who have travelled with the technician in the British Airways flight # BA277 are also under scanner. Sample of two of them have been sent already to the National Institute of Communicable Diseases at New Delhi. The government is trying to trace all those who have travelled with the technician. Health officials have called and appealed to those who have travelled with the technician were being traced. Health officials have already appealed to those who travelled in proximity to the man to come forward and undergo the tests at the Chest Hospital, the nodal centre to deal with swine flu cases. Also the officials have appealed the passengers who had developed swine flu symptoms to contact the Chest Hospital as it is the only hospital that has the required facilities to quarantine the patients and treat them.


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