Faulty Bulletproof Jackets;Procurement files missing


It’s been more than six months now when India faced a brutal attack by the terrorists operating from Pakistan. Apart from all other security measures that the government claimed to have taken the question of quality of the bulletproof jackets provided to the Mumbai Police.

The Police claims that the file that contains the information of the purchase the bulletproof jackets are missing. It is also said that the files which are now missing did never exist on this earth. There is a suspicion that the quality of the bulletproof jackets was compromised and the jackets were not upto the mark. We all have seen that the Chief of ATS Hemant Karkare was wearing a bulletproof jacket before he was shot dead by the terrorists. That also points a finger towards the quality of these jackets. These jackets have not become a political issues and BJP is right after it to ensure that both the Jacket and the party are in the news. The opposition parties have flashed these jackets in the Maharashtra Assemble to target the state government and there is lot of Chaos going on.

It was alleged that a large scale corruption was noticed in the procurement of the bulletproof jackets which in fact failed during the Mumbai attacks. “There seems to be huge scam in the procurement of these bulletproof jackets. These bulletproof jackets seem to be of inferior quality,” alleged Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Assembly, Ramdas Kadam. However, Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan denied the allegations.”I strongly deny of any corrupt practices being involved in the entire process of purchase, as alleged by the Opposition,” said Chavan

The political parties have now started blaming each other. What went worst was the report that Mumbai Police furnished in an answer to an RTI application which was filed to get information on the bulletproof jackets which were used by Mumbai Police. The Reports says that the files which has the information on the jackets is missing thus no information can be provided. Some say that the files are being saved from public scrutiny to avoid another controversy. There are sources that say that these jackets were sent for a trial. In the State Reserve Police firing range they were fitted on the dummies and bullets were fired with automatic weapons like SLR (Self Loading Rifles) and AK-47. Surprisingly, the rounds were fired from a distance but every bullet made its way through the jackets. Probably these are the holes through which those files passed and are now missing.


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