Schedule: ICC T20 World Cup Schedule 2009 (Worldcup TimeTable 2009)

Group A Group B Group C Group D
India Pakistan Australia New Zealand
Bangladesh England Sri Lanka South Africa
Ireland Netherlands West Indies Scotland
Group E A1, B2, C1, D2 Group F B1, A2, C2, D1
Date Lord’s Trent Bridge The Oval
Fri, 5 June Opening ceremony

England v Netherlands

22:00 IST

Sat, 6 June India v Bangladesh

22:00 IST

New Zealand v Scotland

14:30 IST

Australia v West Indies

18:00 IST

Sun, 7 June South Africa v Scotland

18:00 IST

England v Pakistan

22:00 IST

Mon, 8 June Ireland v Bangladesh

18:00 IST

Australia v Sri Lanka

22:00 IST

Tues, 9 June Pakistan v Netherlands

18:00 IST

New Zealand v South Africa

22:00 IST

Wed, 10 June Sri Lanka v West Indies

18:00 IST

India v Ireland

22:00 IST

Placement for the Super Eight stage is strong-minded as follows:

The first two teams in each group are located 1 or 2. They will retain this position for the Super Eight stage, irrespective of whether they close first or second in their group, except they are knocked out by the team 3 in their group. In this case, team 3 replaces the situation of the team they knock out.

Date Lord’s Trent Bridge The Oval
Thu, 11 June D1 v A2 (18:00 IST)

B2 v D2 (22:00 IST)

Fri, 12 June B1 v C2 (18:00 IST)

A1 v C1 (22:00 IST)

Sat, 13 June C1 v D2 (18:00 IST)

D1 v B1 (22:00 IST)

Sun, 14 June A2 v C2 (18:00 IST)

A1 v B2 (22:00 IST)

Mon, 15 June B1 v A2 (18:00 IST)

B2 v C1 (22:00 IST)

Tues, 16 June D1 v C2 (18:00 IST)

D2 v A1 (22:00 IST)

The teams ultimate first and second in groups E and F, based on points obtained in the excellent Eight stage will try to win in the semi-finals

Date Lord’s Trent Bridge The Oval
Thu, 18 June Women’s semi-final

A1 v B2 (18:00 IST)

Men’s semi-final

E1 v F2 (22:00 IST)

Fri, 19 June Women’s semi-final

B1 v A2 (18:00 IST)

Men’s semi-final

F1 v E2 (22:00 IST)

Sun, 21 June Women’s final

14:30 IST

Men’s final

19:30 IST

Closing ceremony


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